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Autistic Day Care Centre: Newsletter May 2009

Updated 14 July 2009


 We conducted two more workshops with different nursery schools in an effort to increase awareness in Autism. Both workshops were very successful and the teachers from other schools responded with enthusiasm towards the new information. We have more workshops scheduled for the next term and hope to carry on with our task and make this society autism friendly.


Our children were extremely overjoyed to be at Dar es Salaam Zoo.  They were very keen to see the different animals; they first saw rabbits along with different types of birds such as flamingoes, cranes and geese. They also saw crocodiles, monkeys, baboons, hyena, porcupine, squirrels, nile monitor lizards, savanna monitor lizards, African civet (fungo), camels, secretary birds and Rene the Lion. It was amazing to see the zoo keeper kissing and shaking hands with the lion.


We are very happy to say that our children are immensely enjoying their time in their new swimming venue. This new place has proved beneficial for our children as some have overcome their fear of water due to the presence of training staff from Splash Town working hand in hand with WFADCC staffs;  everyone benefits from the abundance of sensory stimulation that swimming provides. Attendance to these sessions has increased and we thank parents for their positive response.


We hope that all the families who came in for this event had an enjoyable time. The goal of this event was to create an opportunity for the children to show off their ability and that they can accomplish something if they are given a chance. It was wonderful to see the confidence in our children. We thank parents and siblings for your support and cooperation.


A very warm welcome to our new teacher who joined us this year. Teacher Faryal is an experienced academics teacher. She will add to the progress of the children.

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