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The World Federation Autistic Day Care Centre receives state of the art Minibus

Updated 16 February 2010

On 31 January 2010, Mr. Zulfiqar Rajwani and Mr. Shakeel Jaffer presented Dr Zulfiqar G Abbas, Managing Trustee of The World Federation Autistic Day Care Centre (WFADCC) with a fully air-conditioned, automatic 23 seat Coaster Minibus.

This will alleviate several transportation issues for the students attending WFADCC as several did not have adequate means to get to and from the centre.  The minibus will also make it easier for the children to attend swimming classes and plan field trips. 

The World Federation would like to thank Mr. Shakeel Jaffer for providing the bus at cost price and Mr. Amin Valji and Beta Charitable Trust for facilitating and liaising with various donors to raise the required funds.


Dr Zulfiqar G Abbas, Managing trustee of WFADCC stated ‘Acquiring the Minibus is a further milestone towards the progress of the centre. Children who were unable to come to the centre because of distance and lack of appropriate transport will now be able to benefit from the services provided by the WFADCC’


The WFADCC was established on 19 February 2006, the first of its kind in the whole of East Africa. The centre’s mandate is to support children with disabilities such as Autism, Down’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning and developmental disabilities by providing a daily programme that combines therapy and academic education.
Amongst the centre's goals are to increase child autonomy, create awareness about disabilities, and break the barriers of discrimination and stigma against children with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities. 

The WFADCC provides children with the right to academic education, social involvement and skill development that is necessary to integrate into the larger realm of society.


There are 25 children who are benefitting from the state of the art services provided by WFADCC.

Upon arrival to the centre, the children are given a complete occupational therapy (OT) assessment that evaluates their strengths, physical and cognitive deficits, behaviour, academic skills, and developmental stage.  WFADCC adopts a holistic, family-centred approach, involving the family in all decision making matters that involve the child.  After the initial assessment is complete, the child and family determine the child’s goals with assistance from the WFADCC staff.  The staff then works towards achieving those goals.

This individualized therapy allows the child to progress at his or her own pace.  The progress of the child is assessed routinely.  The teachers assess the children on a monthly basis, and the OT performs a routine evaluation every three months. 


All students have shown immense progress and improvement. For example, one student who joined at the age of seven had not been to any school before and had serious behaviour issues, needing assistance in toilet training, eating habits, and social & other obsessive behaviours. Within six months of joining the centre the student showed dramatic improvement. 

The student has now:

  • Been successfully toilet-trained
  • Tremendously augmented his/her eating habits and is able to sit and eat properly with a fork and a spoon
  • Controlled his/her aggressive behaviour by means of implementing a structured routine, avoiding frustration
  • Broadened his/her interest in toys, cars, cartoons, and balls, forgoing initial obsessions
  • Learned to follow routines and is able to respond positively to change

Dr Munir M Datoo, Assistant Secretary General of Health stated ‘This is a great achievement for the WFADCC and am grateful to all the donors who have contributed towards the purchase of the Minibus. The centre will now be able to cater for even more children, who were not able to attend the centre because of the distance’

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