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The World Federation Autistic Day Care Centre celebrates World Autism Awareness Day 2010

Updated on 28/06/2010

Each year, 2nd of April is dedicated as the World Autism Day. The World Federation’s Autistic Day Care Centre (WFADCC) celebrated World Autism Day on 25 April 2010 by holding a Fancy Dress completion for all the children in the Day Care Centre. All students participated in this event playing different characters.


Experts describe autism as a complex set of neurobiological disorders which typically last throughout a person’s lifetime but which, despite the life-long plight of the victims, fall under the second category. This is most unfortunate because early professional intervention can expose the victims to a normal development process. Autism disrupts social and communication skills, implying an impaired ability to read, move around and manage various other social cues. Generally autistic children display the following:

  • Impaired ability to engage in social interaction;
  • Impaired communication skills;
  • Specific behavioural patterns (for example, preoccupation, resistance to change, repetitive behaviours)


The World Federation Autistic Centre was opened in Dar-es-Salaam on 19 February 2006.  The first of its kind in the whole of East Africa, this Centre provides structured support for children with autism and other disabling and chronic conditions.

The Centre in Dar-es-Salaam was opened to provide a well structured, nurturing environment for children diagnosed with autism and other chronic conditions such as Down syndrome, ADHD, ADD and other learning disabilities.  The centre currently operates as a day education school, teaching life, and social, communication, and behaviour skills on top of the basic curriculum.

The World Federation Autistic Day Care Centre receives in house training and full support from The National Autistic Society of the UK. The centre has had renowned visitors, who train staff in working effectively with the children.

Autism is not a mental illness. Children with autism are not unruly kids who choose not to behave. The syndrome of autism is a severely incapacitating and life-long disability. It is important to understand that the symptoms of a person with autism can change as the individual matures and receives treatment. Autism is not curable but it is highly treatable, symptoms can be lessened and skills can be acquired with early intervention and support. Children with autism can learn to manage and deal more effectively with their difficulties.

Fancy Dress Competition to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day
The event started at 10.00 am with a welcoming speech from the Head Teacher followed by the Managing Trustee, Dr Abbas, who addressed the parents and gave them a brief background of the centre and described the activities and field trips that were carried out during the year. An appreciation was expressed to the donors who donated the state of the art bus for the centre.

After Dr Abbas’ speech, all teachers and children gathered on the stage to sing the National Anthem and the school song. Every student was encouraged to come to the stage and introduce the character they were impersonating. This helps build self confidence in a child and enables them to integrate socially within a community. Every student was awarded a certificate not only to appreciate their efforts but also to encourage them to take part in future events.
Children and parents were then entertained by clowns and magicians. It was difficult to know who was enjoying more - the students or their parents!

The programme ended with a sumptuous lunch. The parents were very appreciative of The Autistic Day Care Centre for going out of their way to arrange such a programme. It is hoped that the media coverage that this event received will raise awareness of autism in the general population

If you wish to donate towards the day to day running of this centre, which is doing a fantastic job of uplifting these wonderful and special kids, please donate online.

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