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 Maarifa Radio 105.3FM

Updated 19 October 2011

Al Itrah Foundation in association with IBN Television have launched Tanzania’s first ever Islamic Radio Station dedicated to the message of the Noble Prophet (s) and his Holy Progeny (as) called MAARIFA RADIO under the frequency 105.3 FM.  The idea was mooted over a considerable number of years by the board of Al Itrah Foundation.  Our studio at present is located in Tanga, Tanzania and transmitting from Mabokweni. 

Radio Maarifa 105.3FM aims to satisfy listeners’ needs in order to maintain majority market share through quality programming, following the opening up of the airwaves in the electronic media in Tanzania.  MAARIFA Radio boasts a young and dynamic workforce.  The members of staff have developed valuable experience in radio broadcasting and production expertise.

Daily programmes include:
• Islamic educative programs
• Documentary programmes pertaining to Islamic issues and Muslim countries
• News pertaining to Muslims from all over the world
• Social, Economic and moral programs surrounding issues in Tanzania
• Commercial and many other programmes

We are currently testing airwave signals and within a short period of time to officially inaugurate MAARIFA Radio, we expect the demographic reach to be around one million listeners within three months.  

Currently the radio frequency reach is Tanga, Zanzibar, North Pemba, Lushoto, Kichakani, Soni, Pangani, Mabokweni, Muheza, Tongoni, Korogwe, Pongwe, Handeni, Maramba, Manza Bau – Mkinga, Kibafuta Msa Road, Vanga Kenya, Horohoro Tanzania – Kenya Border.

For more information or inquiries, contact:
Mr. Mohammed A Somji
PO Box 19701


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