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07 February 2016 / 27. Rabi-Uth-Thani 1437

News & Updates

ZAINABIYYA ALLIANCE FOR REFUGEES lead a second trip to Greece to assist refugees arriving on Europe’s shores by sending volunteers and aid to different areas, starting with the Island of Lesvos.

યમન ની ચાલતી લડાઈ મા, ૮૨૭૮ લોકોની જાનનો દાવો કરી છે, જેમાં ૨૨૩૬ બચ્ચા 

In keeping with the annual ritual of Qurbani, The World Federation facilitates the slaughtering of goats (qurbani) where the meat is then distributed among the poor and needy. Read the report from 2015.