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The World Federation exists to achieve the pleasure of Allah SWT by developing spiritual and vibrant communities serving humanity
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The World Federation enables its member institutions to promote the values and practices of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Faith for the spiritual and material well being of humanity at large
Eid al Hajj 1431:  Arrange Your Qurbani Today

Updated 27 October 2010

‘It is not their flesh or their blood that reaches God. Rather, it is your God-wariness that reaches Him…’ (Holy Qur’an 22:37)

As the guests of Allah (swt) begin to prepare for their journey to perform the Hajj, The World Federation of KSIMC too is getting ready to facilitate Qurbanis for Eid al Hajj.

The World Federation is taking requests from Mo’mineen worldwide to have a Qurbani (sacrifice of an animal) performed on their behalf on the blessed occasion of Eid al Hajj.

The meat from the Qurbanis will be distributed among the needy, including widows and orphans.

All Qurbani requests will automatically be carried out on goats. Special requests for sheep or cows can be arranged by contacting The World Federation, CoEJ or NASIMCO. Please note that the cost of sacrificing sheep and cows will be higher. 




 GBP £27.50 /USD $48/CAD $48


 Special Request:
 Please contact The World Federation


Special Request:
 Please contact The World Federation

Whilst Qurbani can be arranged year round, the closing date for those wanting it done on time for Eid al-Hajj is 10 November 2010. 

To order your Qurbani, order online or contact your Regional Federation directly:



Order Online

Order by Phone


The Africa Federation

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(255 22) 215 0897


The Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ)

  Click here


+44 (0) 845 330 6012

Canada and USA


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(905) 763-7512

Rest of the World

The World Federation of KSIMC

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+44 (0) 20 8954 9881

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