The World Federation is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations
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The World Federation exists to achieve the pleasure of Allah SWT by developing spiritual and vibrant communities serving humanity
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The World Federation enables its member institutions to promote the values and practices of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Faith for the spiritual and material well being of humanity at large
The World Federation meets with Ayatullah Ishaq Fayyaz

Updated 25 April 2012

A delegation of The World Federation was honoured to meet with Ayatullah Ishaq Fayyaz during his trip to London for medical treatment. The World Federation’s delegation comprised Vice President: Al-Hajj Munawer bhai Rattansey, Mawlana Zafar Abbas, former treasurer: Al-Hajj Ahmed bhai Daya, and Islamic Education Manager: Shaykh Abbas Ismail.


Ayatullah Fayyaz granted the delegation a lengthy private meeting. Mawlana Zafar Abbas began by welcoming Ayatullah Fayyaz; Mawlana assured Ayatullah Fayyaz of the prayers and concern of The World Federation, and extended the salaams and duas of the entire community. Ayatullah Fayyaz thanked the delegation for visiting him.
Shaykh Abbas Ismail explained in Farsi a number of the initiatives of The World Federation including the Madrasah Centre of Excellence. Munawer bhai also briefed Ayatullah Fayyaz on the excellent work being undertaken to help curb extremism in the UK and Europe after the tragic attack on a mosque in Brussels in which the mosque Imam was killed.

The delegation then sought Ayatullah Fayyaz’s advice and counsel. His reply was lengthy and eloquent, and he touched upon the need for exemplary behaviour and conduct based upon the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (as). He stated that the world now recognises the Shia school of thought as tolerant, peaceful and harmonious, that is fair and balanced. He also made the following points in his discourse:

• The situations in the world where we witness conflict are good lessons for us in how to seek our rights as citizens and human beings: we must seek them in a balanced and rational manner, and in a way that the demands have a chance of being accepted, and not to make demands that are outrageous from the outset. Even in seeking our rights, we must emulate the teachings of the Imams (as) and use logic to achieve our aims

• Ayatullah Fayyaz then emphasised the importance of getting involved with our own local systems of government and politics. He stated, “Everyone should vote; should take part in elections; should have representation in their parliaments; and should seek their legitimate rights from their countries.”

The delegation then sought news from Ayatullah Fayyaz and his son, Sheikh Mahmood Fayaz, on the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were a number of projects that were discussed where The World Federation could add value to the existing infrastructure. Sheikh Mahmood Fayaz is due to visit The World Federation office in the coming days to discuss this further.

Vice President of The World Federation, Munawer bhai Rattansey, commented, “It was an honour to have met Ayatullah Fayyaz for so long, and to be able to converse with him in such detail. The World Federation has a long and proud history of keeping contact with our Maraje and Ulama, which has assisted us in our work throughout the world.”

Finally, the delegation took leave of Ayatullah Fayyaz, who prayed for the success of the community in all their endeavours.

The World Federation requests mu’mineen across the world to remember Ayatullah Fayyaz in their duas, for his speedy recovery from his current health situation, and for his long life in continued service to Islam and Muslims. Jamaats and regional federations are requested to make announcements to this effect.

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