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19 February 2019 / 13. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1440

Fatima Inspires 2019

Fatima Inspires -  2019


The World Federation is pleased to announce the return of our Fatima Inspires initiative. Together, let us appreciate the inspiring women in our community,  where we take the time to celebrate women. 

Our Fatima Inspires initiative gives our community an opportunity to highlight these female role models and females heroes in honour of the Lady of Light, Sayyida Fatima (sa). We are very privileged to have amazing examples of strong and inspiring female role models in our community.


The World Federation have had a fantastic response to this initiative in the past, and we are keen to continue appreciating the women in our community who do so much, but whose efforts sometimes go unacknowledged. This is our fifth year running this initiative and we know there are still so many women who deserve to be recognised for their contribution. 



Nominating a female hero for Fatima Inspires 


When can I nominate?

Nominations are open from the wafaat of Sayyida Fatima (sa) on 9th February 2019 to the Wiladat of Sayyida Fatima (sa) on 26th Feb 2019 inclusively. Any nominations submitted after this date will not be accepted.


Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any woman who has inspired you in any way, be it through, community work, academic achievements, careers or anything else. You can nominate someone because of their leadership, character, personality, generosity or anything else you find inspiring. 


How can I nominate?

1. Submit your nomination using our short online application form

2. Email a photograph or a short video clip to (Use your nominations name as the subject header.)


What happens after I nominate?

Once we received your nominations, we will showcase each one on our website and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We want to show the amazing achievements these women have done, so we can all be inspired by them too, and take examples from them in order to better ourselves.


What happens after the Fatima Inspires initiative closes?

All nominees will get a form of recognition from The World Federation.   


I am excited about Fatima Inspires how can I share this with my family and friends?

You can download the poster here and share with your friends and family via social media, WhatsApp, email or even print it out and encourage everyone to celebrate our women by nominating them. 


Can anyone nominate female role models and female heroes?

Yes! We encourage both women and men to send in nominations. 

Click on the region's box below to see the nominations submitted so far.









Further Information

Sayyida Fatima (sa) was given many titles throughout her lifetime by her father. Here is one of the titles.


Why Fatima Inspires?

Sayyida Fatima (sa) was given many titles in her life, one of these was 'Sayyidatu Nisa il A’lameen' meaning 'the leader of the women of the worlds'. Her father, the Holy Prophet (saw), gave her this title as she was and still is a perfect role model, for both men and women. The Fatima Inspires initiative is in honour of our role model and guiding light.

To learn more about Sayyida Fatima ( sa ) please click here for her bio. 

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