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19 May 2018 / 4. Ramadhan 1439

Capacity Building - Unlocking the potential of our people to serve the community and humanity

As we envision our future, we realise that we can only achieve our ambitious community goals through creating highly capable, able and strategic leaders.

The aim is to help to develop leadership capacity across the Muslim communities in Europe by unlocking the potential of our people to serve the community and humanity.

The Foundational Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to allow participants to realize their own leadership styles and to enhance and evolve their skills to ensure more productive and efficient working methods.

The following events have taken place:

  • Facilitator Development Program

  • Youth Leadership Development Program

  • Mentors Program

  • Master classes


Development of individuals in each of the regions has been core to delivering the departmental objectives. 

Over the past three years, AFED, NASIMCO & COEJ have increased their capacity to organize and run regional programs through the development of a highly skilled team of facilitators. 

In 2013, the Capacity Building team commissioned an academic research project to evaluate the impact of the LDP on individuals, their families and communities. The purpose of the report is to establish some solid data on the LDP to see if the dollars spent is giving a good return and to provide an understanding of the impact of the LDP, and provide an objective report on the program. 

Click  here  to view The World Federation's strategy for Capacity Building

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