Student Loan Online Application Form

Important Note:

This loan is for students who are unable to afford studies abroad ONLY. You should only apply for this loan after you have been rejected a loan from your local Jamaat or Regional body.

If you are a UK citizen, please apply to the Local Government Student Loan Office for a Student Loan. Only if you are rejected should you fill out this form (Rejection Notices need to be attached to this form).

General Information

The World Federation of KSIMC (WF) provides a limited number of secular educational loans each year for undergraduate studies to qualifying and outstanding students (male & female) from constituent Member Jamaats, who have limited means to finance their studies.

Selection Criteria

The main criteria for approving the loans are:

Good academic and religious records;

Genuine financial need;

Admission to a reputable institution of higher learning (preferable local College); and

Thoughtful and coherent educational and career plans.

Candidates are also evaluated on their extra-curricular interests and achievements, potential to achieve their goals and likelihood to succeed in an academic environment.

Financial Assistance

The World Federation of KSIMC (The WF) may approve loans to cover the partial/full cost of tuition fees and course accommodation only. The cost of travel is not included in loan amount. Applicants are expected to make every effort to obtain funding from other sources, so that the amount requested from The World Federation can be reduced to a minimum. Preference will be given to those who have been able to secure the remaining funding from alternative sources. Proof of this must be submitted before the application can be finally approved. Applicants are advised that additional loans/funding must NOT be sought from any of the constituent organizations of The World Federation e.g. Africa Federation, NASIMCO, etc.

Application Procedures

The deadline for submitting of the applications to The WF Education is at least 4 months prior to course commencement.

Applicants should be prepared to be interviewed by The WF Education in London and/or the

Local Education Board Committees about their financial situation, the academic performance, extra-curricular achievements and career plans.

All queries for further information should be directed to The WF - Education. Any lobbying by or on behalf of the applicants may disqualify the applicant.

Terms and Conditions of the Loan

  1. The Student is required to send to The World Federation of KSIMC – Education, an account of their scholastic results at the end of each term, promptly and without reminders.

Students attending universities that do not publish official transcripts are requested to obtain a written appreciation of their academic progress from a Dean, Tutor, Faculty Advisor or the Head of the Department. The WF reserves the right to withhold or withdraw the loan amount approved, if Education considers the academic results of a recipient to be unsatisfactory. Students are advised to communicate to Education any additional concerns at the time of submitting the academic results.

  1. Recipients of loans are required to communicate to The World Federation of KSIMC – Education, an account of all other grants, stipends or other income not declared on their original application form, which they may receive before or during the period in which they are advanced the loan. Education reserves the right to withhold or withdraw any loan approved in view of the cumulative total received from other sources.

  1. In the event that a loan recipient fails to report as required under (a) and (b), WF Education reserves the right to request the required information directly from university authorities and professors.

  2. The WF reserves the right to withhold or withdraw any amount loaned if WF Education receives formal notification from the institution involved that the conduct of the recipient of the loan does not conform to acceptable norms.

  3. The WF reserves the right to disclose the Loan Status of all its recipients to its membership.

  4. Students may not transfer to any other educational institute, change the course of study or degree programme for which they are given the loan, without prior written approval from WF Education.

  5. Loan recipients are requested to submit to WF Education, copies of their final theses and any other major documents they may produce.

  6. Upon completion of their courses, loan recipients are required to write to WF Education about their immediate career plans and thereafter to keep the Education informed of any changes in their address or employer.

  7. The guarantors are advised to read these conditions before signing the guarantee form. An Agreement Form will have to be signed by the applicant and the two guarantors when the application has been approved. Copies of the Agreement can be viewed at the Local Jamaats.

  8. These terms and conditions will form part of the loan agreement between WF, the Student and the Guarantors.

  9. Students who fail to complete their course, for whatever reason, must immediately inform (i) The WF Education and (ii) repay the loan advanced.

  10. The WF will only disburse funds directly into the University Bank Account and/or Bank Account of the Students Official Accommodation/Landlord. Payments will not be made into Students personal account.

  11. The Student is required to send to The World Federation of KSIMC any changes of their current address, telephone numbers and inform of any change to personal circumstances that may affect the course or loan repayments during the duration of the course.

  12. For any legal disputes between the parties, the British Law will prevail.

Contact Details:


World Federation Islamic Centre Wood Lane

Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4LQ United Kingdom

E-mail: [email protected]

Section 1: Personal Information

Personal Information


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Section 3: Educational Background

Primary School Details
Secondary School Details
College/University Name

Section 4: Selection of Courses and Institutions

Section 5: Family and Financial Information

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Family Member Earning Name and Net Income 1
Family Member Earning Name and Net Income 2
Family Member Earning Name and Net Income 3
Family Member Earning Name and Net Income 4
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 NameName of InstitiutionAgeFees
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Section 6: Repayment of Educational Loan

 Year end repayment to be madeAmount to be paid
Repayment 1
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Repayment 3
Repayment 4
Repayment 5

Section 7: Personal Statement

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