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25 March 2017 / 26. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1438

Madinah and Bab Al Ilm - Summer Courses Blogs

Posted on Fri, 2014-08-08 15:09

2015 Madinah and Bab Reflections

2015 Madinah and Bab Mentor blogs

2015 Blogs

Girls Daily Blog
Boys Daily Blog

Madinah and Bab Boys Blogs

Madinah and Bab Girls Blogs

Madinah and Bab Mentors Blog

Madinah and Bab Reflections

Madinah & Bab Reflection: A Home Away From Home
Madinah & Bab 2016 Participant Reflections: Life Lessons & Personal Development
Madinah & Bab 2016 Participant Testimonial: Exceeding Expectations
Madinah & Bab Mentor Testimonial: No Words Would Do Justice
The Journey to Find Oneself… in Heaven - Madinah & Bab Reflection 2015
Journeys end... But memories last forever - Madinah & Bab Reflection 2015
They Said… But They Didn’t Know How Much! Testimonial by Saiqa Pirmohammed
The Peace of Home, testimonial by Asma Sultan Ali Rashed
An Eye-Opening Experience, testimonial by Fattimah Hamam from Canada
A Quest for Knowledge, testimonial by Sakina Govani from Peterborough
A New Beginning by Mentor Rabab Shaheen Kassam
A Perfect Trip! by Mentor Sabira Rizwan Manji from Tanzania
"Life is short and we can't afford to sin" Testimonial by Ali Ehsan Bijani
A Journey of a Lifetime By Fatema Khimji from Tanzania
Sara Fatema Testimonial Video
Sabika Rizvi Testimonial Video
Nida Fatema Testimonial Video
Maryam Farwa Testimonial Video
Aasiya Rabab Testimonial Video
“With my Hand on my Heart I can Say I am Truthfully Grateful for Seizing this Opportunity!” by Aliyah Bhimani
A Journey Without Return by Kauther Al-Kaaby
"I wish to come back again and again!" by Khadija Naki Ali from BMMK
An Experience Never to be Forgotten! by Muhammad Jawad Habib
An Experience that Cannot be Described, Only Felt! by Shifa Fathima Mugloo
Mentoring with a Mission: A Testimonial by Brother Alimehdi Moti
Reflections by Sister Fatemah Moledina on Madinah and Bab 2014 Course
Hussein Abdallah - Experience of a Bilal Participant on Madinah and Bab Course 2014
Reflections by Sis Mohadditha Jaffer on Madinah and Bab 2014 Course
Reflections by Sis Zeenat Rattansey on Madinah and Bab 2014 Course
Experience of a Bilal Mentor on Madinah and Bab Course 2014
Madinah and Bab Course 2014 – Reflection on the last day from a Mentor
Madinah And Bab al-Ilm Courses- Testimonial by Bedrija Imamovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Madinah and Bab courses - Testimonial by Adeela Zahra Shah, UK
A Travelogue by Sister Amina Shabar, (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on Madinah and Bab al-Ilm 2014 course.
A Travelogue by Sister Najla Abdul Karim from Bilal Jamaat, Kenya
Finding Home Away from Home: A Testimonial by Mohammed Rhemtulla