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14 November 2019 / 16. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1441

CoEJ Muharram 1440 Lectures

Below is a list of Lecturers who will be lecturing this Moharram 1440 for CoEJ.

Jamaat Reciter Name Link
Hujjat - KSIMC of London Alim - Urdu Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi
  Alim - English Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo  
  Ladies Majlis - Urdu (Morning) Zakira Farva Vakil  
  Ladies Majlis - English (Night) Zakira Fatemah Ladak Meghji  
  Alim - Ashra-e-Zainabiyya (English) Sheikh Ayub Rashid   
  Ladies - Ashra-e-Zainabiyya (Urdu) Zakira Anjum Mukaddam  
KSIMC of Birmingham Alim - Urdu Syed Ahmed Raza of Toronto  
  Alim - English Dr Mahmood Datoo  
  Ladies - Urdu Sister Mona Bukhari  
  Ladies - English Sister Fatma Asaria  
Peterborough - Hussaini Islamic Centre Alim - Urdu Sheikh Mustafa Moledina
  Alim - English Sheikh Jehad Ismail  
  Ladies - Urdu Dhakira Mohtarma Sabira Mazhar Hussein  
  Ladies - English    
KSIJ Centre Imam-e-Zamana (La Chaux-de-Fonds - Switzerland) Alim - Urdu Mawlana Nusrat Abbas Bukhari  
Essex - Ali reza Islamic Centre Alim - English Skeikh Issa Jahangir  
MKSI Leicester Alim - Urdu Maulana Syed Fathay Ali
  Alim - English Sheikh Nuru Mohammed  
  Ladies - Urdu Sister Gul e Zahra  
Watford - Anjuman-e-Jafariyyah, Al-Zahra Centre Alim - Urdu Maulana Dr. Hasan Kumayli   
  Alim - English Brother Rada Husayn Rahim  
  Ladies - Urdu Zakira Rumāna Kāzmi   
Paris (North) - Mehfile Zainab Alim (Gujurati) Sheikh Mujtaba Muraj
  Ladies Majlis (Gujurati) Sister Massouma Rajabally  
Hyderi Islamic Centre - KSIMC of South London Alim - English Syed Muhamad Rizvi of Toronto
  Ladies - Morning Majlis (Urdu) Zakira Anjum Riyaz Mukadam   
KSI MUSLIM Community of Milton keynes - Zainabiya Islamic Centre Alim (English) Sheikh Mustafa Jaffer
  Ladies Majlis (English) Masuma Bai Jaffer  
Gloucester TBA TBA  
Paris (South) - Muhamadi Imambara A.C.C.I.J TBA TBA  
Leeds - Baab-ul-Ilm  TBA TBA  
Marsta (Sweden) TBA TBA  
Switzerland (Coucil of Switzerland) TBA TBA  
Trolhatten TBA TBA  
Wessex - Al Mahdi Centre TBA TBA  

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