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20 October 2017 / 29. Muharram 1439

Embrace 2015 – Get Involved

Posted on Wed, 2015-05-20 12:30

The World Federation of KSIMC is pleased to be part of the Embrace 2015 initiative in the UK.

Embrace2015 is a multifaceted project with the primary objective to implement healthy and sustainable community economics within the Shia community in the UK.  As part of this initiative, the team has organised the Embrace2015 Event on 2 August 2015.

The event will act as a launch platform for a national framework which will be the vehicle for effective communication and collaboration between OUR organisations, OUR businesses and most importantly OUR people.

We have provided below details on the event from the Embrace 2015 team.

THE EVENT:                           

The Conference

The Embrace2015 conference is the first of its kind and with the progressive spirit and cooperation of the leading organisations in our community.

Panel Discussion

Our very own #RealTalk workshop where you get to participate in a contemporary panel discussion on UK politics and how policies and various political agendas will impact you as a Shia living in the UK.

Interactive seminar

Whether you are a budding and aspiring entrepreneur, established business owner or a professional, this seminar offers an unrivalled learning opportunity.


On the day, our esteemed delegation will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse spectrum of businesses owned by individuals from within the Shia community in the UK.

Food Court

Now with all these thought provoking talks and inspirational artistic displays, you are bound to build up an appetite and when you do, you will be spoilt for choice.

The Art Gallery by Ahlan Art

Ahlan Art is London's first Islamic Art gallery. Having been established for several years now, they represent over 25 of the world's leading artists that specialise in a number of styles, including modern & contemporary art.

Where is this all happening?

The Event will take place at Tobacco Dock in London on 2nd August 2015! We have secured Tobacco Dock in London as the stage for the launch of our revolution, with a jam packed itinerary comprised of a national level conference and business expo, thought provoking and insightful workshops, an inspirational art exhibition and, to keep everyone energised, a selection of fine foods to satisfy the most cultured taste buds. We also have headline key note speeches that will be delivered by popular personalities who will be joining us from overseas.

The second stage of the project will go live at the event with a unique product launch which will inshAllah redefine the communication and collaborative abilities of the Shia community in the UK.

How can you get involved?

Embrace 2015 has an array of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to get involved and showcase their brand, product or service. If you are in the food industry, why not take a pitch at our food court and introduce the culinary delights you have to offer to thousands of delegates. Regardless of whether you are a business owner, professional, student or someone just looking to be inspired and network with your brothers and sisters in faith, there is nowhere else you should be.

Be a part of the thousands of delegates joining us at London's Tobacco Dock by purchasing a ticket before 31st May 2015, and benefit from the early bird pricing. Spread the word by telling your family and friends so we can make this a day that all will thoroughly enjoy!

We look forward to welcoming you all on 2nd August 2015 so we can progress together and move forward as a stronger, collectivised unit.

To find out more about Embrace 2015, please visit their website:

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