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14 July 2020 / 23. Zil-Qad 1441

Fatima Inspires India Nominations 2019

Fatima Inspires Nominations 2019 



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Waseemkausar  Sayyed

From: India


Assalamu Alaikum,

For Fatima inspires 2019 I'm nominating my mother, my inspiration.

As we all know that paradise lies at the feet of one's mother and everyone's mother is special and important to them in their own way, so is mine.


Since our childhood, my brother and I have seen how my mother has strived for the wellbeing of our family. From taking care of our health-physical and mental, teaching us the precious values of our religion to supporting us in our career aspirations, she has always done the best. She has been the backbone of our family in all terms. Whenever me and my brother faced any ups and downs in any aspect, it was she who gave us the courage and consoled us to face everything without fear and having trust on Allah swt and the blessings of Ahlulbayt a.s..


Along with this, she has been a very supportive and caring wife to my father. She has always inspired us to keep on learning new and good things which would make us successful in this life and hereafter.


She has been a loving figure amongst all the relatives and someone who is always happy to feed her every tasty cooked food to everyone. She is very happy in involving and helping out relatives and friends on different occasions such as weddings, jashns, majlis etc.

I think that no words could describe the importance of what our mother has in our life.

I pray that Allah, Be-Haqqe bibi Fatima s.a blesses her and all the mothers with the best of everything!




Nominated by Heenakausar Sayyed




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