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17 May 2018 / 2. Ramadhan 1439

Getting the most out of Shahr Ramadan

Updated on 12 March 2018

We are proud to share some great advice from our community's top motivational speaker, Dr Mahmood Mawjee on how to get the best out of Ramadan in terms of health and exercise.


Video One: Discipline During Ramadan


Video Two: Nutrition During Ramadan


Video Three: Exercise During Ramadan 

15 Key Point to take away from the videos are:

1. Break down your planning into three: Food preparation, Spiritual upliftment and finally exercise needs. 

2. We will have plenty of energy to go about our daily business as the glucose stored in our muscles and liver will be used up first to give us the energy we need, once that is used the body will start to burn the fat. 

3. This is a great time to quit smoking. Think about it, if we can go the entire day without smoking (even vaping) we should be able to give this habit for a lifetime. Whats stopping you?

4. Take time to understand it takes time to create good habits, so long you stick to it you will achieve the goals you set yourself.

5. Think about the reasons why you eat what you eat, ask yourself do you eat to live or live to eat? The answer to that question can change your outlook on food.

6. When breaking your fast take things lightly by having dates with water first, pray, wait a while and then eat your main meal. 

7. When eating it is best to spread out your food between Iftar and Sahoor to avoid yourself getting bloated. 

8. Think about portion control and having a healthy balanced meal by having lean protein, vegs, and healthy carbs (focus on brown carbs rather than white) Brown carbs gives you a slow release of energy. 

9. When drinking water take sips slowly, don't gulp it down. 

10. Eat healthy snacks such as fruits in-between meal times. (avoid processed and fried food as much as you can)

11. Try to stay away from teas and coffee act as it will dehydrate you.

12. If your having tea is  must try having something alternative like best is green tea or herbal tea

13. Avoid exercise whilst fasting, if its a must then keep it very light. Try to change up your workout routine by having a light meal, then work out, then come back and eat a proper meal.

14. Keep aiming to exercise every day even if its at least 2-3 times per week.

15. If you walk 10.000 steps a day, try to keep at it.

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