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18 January 2019 / 11. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1440

Khoja Heritage December Tour Daily Reflection Updates 2019

Updated on 28 November 2018

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The Khoja Heritage tour is taking place now between the 20th to 30th December.

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 21st December, Friday

Our first day on the tour began on a very high note. The participants were thrilled as one could unmistakably notice the enthusiasm and excitement of creating bonds and making acquaintances. Waiting for our Uber to arrive, everyone was introducing each other with typical Khoja questions, from which Jamat do you come? As if ethic background prevailed over nationality and citizenship! Visiting Mulla Qadar Mehfil, the pioneering institution for the nascent KSI community, was the first item on the itinerary.

The opening ceremony covered the introduction of the participants, deliberating on the objectives of the tour and most importantly, reflecting on the history and contributions of this relentless preacher of the late nineteenth century. As the session ended, the participants generated further conversations and debates about the events unfolded during his time.


The group is small but diverse. The youngest participant is a baby girl of 5 months and the eldest around 70. It is all about connecting with the roots and walking on the lands where our ancestors once used to walk. The narrow street of Khoja Mohalla still contains the aura of the trade and commerce. The walk in the streets was a perfect translation of the deliberation held at Mulla Qadar Madrasa. 


The Sunni, Ismaili and Ithna Asheries religious and cultural institutions in the vicinity of each is the reminiscent of the shared heritage of 14th to 19th century. We were fortunate to pray Juma prayers in Khoja masjid and Maghrib prayers in Mughal Masjid.


The Indian gourmet meal and chit chat on the dinner tables played its part in winding a rather long day. 

Day 2: 22nd December, Saturday.

The day began with visiting Hasnabad; burial place of the 46th Imam of the Ismaili Shias who is burried there along with his few other family members. The visit was followed by visiting Arambaug, the KSI cemetery. Asad Virani and Dr. Sadiq Uttanwala offered a detailed explanation of this historic kabrastan and the luminaries resting at this place. The gathering hosted Dr. Asgar Moledina, former President and current Councilor of the World Federation, who spoke on the importance of community heritage. 

Various court cases of the community from 1829 to 1866 were discussed in an interactive session held at the kabrastan. Participants took time to recite fateha and sura Yasin for the marhumeen. 

After namaz and lunch, the weather was perfect for a boat ride at the Gateway of India; resembling the British architect erected in the honour of King George V. The glittering water of the sea and late afternoon sun of December proved to be perfect combination for a boat ride. The highlight of the day was the reflection session which formed the base for an engaging debate on the preservation of Gujarati language.




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