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16 December 2017 / 27. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1439

Madinah and Bab – Boys Daily Blog – Tuesday 12th August, 2014

Posted on Wed, 2014-08-13 11:20

Today is the 12th of August and I still can't believe how fast time has passed!  It seems like almost yesterday was the 5th of August when we were getting ready, doing last minute packing and heading to the airport to meet each other for the first time. Since then we really bonded and got to know each other quite well, Alhamdulillah.

Today, Allah (SWT) had blessed us with the chance to visit the Haram of Lady Masuma-e-Qum and pray Jama’at Namaaz; after we performed the Ziyarat of the Holy Lady, Bibi Masuma (AS). The recitation by the Mawlana was so beautiful, we got lost in his soothing voice and I felt I could stay there forever. Unfortunately, the Fajr Salah came to an end and we returned home. After we woke up and ate one of the greatest breakfasts ever, we had our three daily classes. 

After midday Salah and lunch we visited a few places. One of them was a house called Bayt-e-Nur which means house of light as it was the last place Lady Masuma (AS) lived. While we were there, we learnt some history. For example: the only thing she asked for when moving into a new house was a private place to pray, and we can learn many lessons from this. After that, we visited the grave of the 40 stars where we learnt that these 40 personalities were involved in a small battle which was vital for saving Shi'ite Islam. In that same place, we paid respects to the son and grandson of Imam Al Jawad (AS). 

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When we were finished, we went to the mosque which I've dreamt about visiting for years, Masjid-e-Jamkaraan. It is said that every Tuesday, the 12 Imam is within that very mosque. After one of the greatest Namaaz ever, we prayed two units of prayer  as per the Sunnah for entering a mosque and then recited Dua Tawassul in congregation.  It was recited with such magnificence and it brought us all to tears. Insha'Allah we can continue this journey to reach perfection with everyday as great as this one.

Written by: Abbas Hameer from Birmingham Jamaat, UK

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