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19 June 2018 / 5. Shawal 1439

Madinah and Bab - Boys Daily Blog - Thursday 15th August, 2013

Updated on 12 March 2018

Thursday 15th August, 2013

The day started off with a short but lazy walk to Al-Mustafa International University. As soon as we entered, we were led to the “Audio Video Room” where pictures were snapped. In no time, we were being taken to the “Imam Khumayni Hall” where we were presented with a short introduction video. This was followed by one of the mentors – Ali Hussein, reciting a Qasida with full Jawsh.
After this, we were given a tour of the university which showcased a variety of facilities such as an in-house tailor, a restaurant, a laundry service etc.

Then came lecture time: Shaykh Assad Dharsi started off by introducing himself. His topic was Qur'anic Lifestyle and I thought it was going to be boring until he introduced it. The complexity of his topic, along with the slides and his very easy way of explanation, made the topic very interesting, which led to 50 minutes of deep discussion. After a short break, our next lecturer, Shaykh Nadir Jaffer, introduced himself as a modest man, “not worthy of an introduction”. His lesson was not based on a particular topic, so the discussion was open to questions ranging from secular to Islamic questions. The visit concluded with Jamaat Namaaz followed by some traditional, deliciously cooked Waliambogho. 

After eating with my fellow brothers in the Hawza, we retired back to our accommodation and had a short break in which we relaxed. We then took part in an engaging and mind-provoking conversation as a group with Shaykh Safdar Razi. We talked about the presence of Allah and Islam in the world today. It was very interactive and a pleasure to be a part of. After a delicious dinner, we set out to the Haram of Bibi Masuma-e-Qum. I personally believe that the highlight of the day was to pray in the Haram and listen to Dua-e-Kumail. The dua was so touching and moving, that many people listening - including myself were crying and praying to Allah. This was the special part of the day for me. Tonight is the eve of the destruction of Jannatul Baqee, therefore there was matam inside the haram recited by Agha Mir Damaad, with whom me and my brothers got a picture. Juloos was also being conducted outside the Haram. That night was a great experience for me, yet that was only one night - imagine how the rest of the journey will be.

Written by: Mohib Raza Bhurani from Dubai Jamaat and Suhail Karim from Hujjat Stanmore, UK