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22 May 2018 / 7. Ramadhan 1439

Madinah and Bab - Boys Daily Blog - Tuesday 13th August, 2013

Updated on 12 March 2018

Tuesday 13th August, 2013

The third and final day of the mentor training course provided by The World Federation came sadly but surely as the mentors began their day with a reflection of thoughts to explore what each of us discovered about ourselves and how that aspect we discovered will help us develop our mentor-mentee relationship. This exercise of ‘self-reflection’ turned out to be very beneficial as it helped consolidate our thoughts and conclusions from the previous day so that we walk away with a take-home lesson and an aim to achieve.

It was amazing to see how we, both male and female mentors, realised how much we have learned about ourselves and the way we think, act, and react.  But it was more interesting to see that we all have experienced a change within us, a realisation of what our weaknesses are and where our strengths can be nurtured.  The exercises we have learned in this mentor course were indeed a mimic of Muhasabat Al Nafs (Accounting of the Self) where we each took out the mirror of reflection and analysed ourselves analytically and dived deeper within ourselves while we brushed away the veil of arrogance and vanity.  Instead, we opened our hearts and minds to discover and critique the essence of our way of thinking and our habits and tendencies.  While we appreciate the gifts of talent and uniqueness that Allah (SWT) has bestowed to each of us, we also recognise the areas where we need to polish and nourish within ourselves.

We further explored examples of how to strengthen the mentor team relationship so that we are harmonised and consistent in order to support our mentees most efficiently.  After playing a fun game of trying to articulate words to each other in order to demonstrate and strengthen our communication skills, we concluded the training with a run over the logistics and setup of the course, followed by a final reflecting session on the expectations which we set on Day 1 to compare whether or not we have achieved these expectations and removed these initial fears.
Praise be to Allah (SWT), it was a very rewarding moment to see that each and every one of us have met our expectations from this training course and furthermore removed the subtle fears that may have crossed our minds.

It dawned upon me that if a three-day course was enough to create this amount of change and positivity within a human being, then isn’t the generous months and years of our lives which Allah (SWT) bestowed us a good enough time for us to create more change and reform within ourselves as humans?

In this course, we have all learned and practiced new, smarter, and more efficient techniques and strategies of how to connect with our fellow mentees so that we could support them in the best manner morally and spiritually by Allah’s help during the course and also after the course.  We thank The World Federation staff in Qum for providing us excellent support and a brilliant team of trainers who carefully designed and organised an intense but rewarding programme which made us feel ready and developed by the end of this course and also on a personal level.  And we thank Allah the Almighty for granting us this valuable opportunity of learning and gaining knowledge through this unique means and we pray that He (SWT) completes our success in our mentoring experience as we look forward to receive the participants and serve the Zuwaar who have already started arriving today safe and sound, and more will arrive Inshallah tomorrow so that we kick off the program officially with an opening ceremony on Thursday, August 15th, 2013.

Written by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba from New Jersey