Once again the dawning of the new moon marking the 1st of MUHARRAM 1436 A.H. is marked by sadness and reflection by the lovers of IMAM HUSAYN A.S.  People will gather from across the globe to hear passionate sermons on the philosophy and purpose of this sacred sacrifice which occurred almost 1400 years ago.

There is no parallel in history of such magnitude when a single man accompanied by his family and close believers gave the supreme sacrifice of life through a series of torturous trials and tribulations and in the process leaving his widowed and orphaned family to the merciless whims of the ruthless rulers of the time.

What lessons do we learn from this supreme sacrifice?

  • That we shall always uphold and stand by  the truth
  • That we shall always stand against oppression and injustice
  • That we shall always stand firm against falsehood
  • In pursuit of truth we shall be ever mindful of the needs of the helpless and the deprived

Lectures on justice and fair play will be held over the world stretching from Auckland to Vancouver. The greatest gift that the followers of ISLAM have is this continuous struggle on how to spend one’s transient life and to make the best of both worlds, this temporary world and the permanent everlasting world of the hereafter. It is important that the scholars use this opportunity for this monologue lectures to ensure that the message of Imam HUSAYN A. S. resonates through and remains embedded in the life of the people at least for the next 12 months if not longer, only to be reinforced the next year.

What message? What lessons?

To understand the real significance of this great tragedy and its impact on ISLAMIC history it is necessary to study the chronicles of ISLAM from its inception.

What led HUSAYN to sacrifice his all for the sake of TRUTH and the principles of ISLAM, and what was the cause HUSAYN was defending? It was for sure not a family feud culminating in a massacre but a fight by IMAM HUSAYN A.S., the son of ALI BIN ABI TALIB A.S., grandson of the HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W.), and his devoted followers, who suffered untold hardships and laid down their lives for the sake of principles inculcated by ISLAM, for the defense of ideals which they considered far more precious than their lives.

It was not a conflict and fight for a kingdom or for dominance but for defense of principles, for demonstration to all  mankind, for all time, that MIGHT IS NOT RIGHT, to establish beyond doubt that sufferings and martyrdom are essential when the cause is just;  to prove that the victor and the vanquished cannot be determined by the immediate results of a battle or war but by the long term repercussions of the clash of their ideologies on the course of events and influence on the minds of the people.

Let us make the most efficient use of these nights and days and focus on learning from this great sacrifice and the lives of our IMAMS A.S.  These lectures and azadari  conducted worldwide, during these two months and more, are lessons of life which will make it easier to pass our examinations on the day of judgment and when questioned by the angels on our a’amals (deeds). Let our Julus and procession reflect the true message of IMAM HUSAYN A.S. We must concentrate on the sermons and also ensure that the quality and content of these lectures are such that they lead us to become better and perfect human beings.  They must make us steadfast on our path of TRUTH & JUSTICE. Then and only then, will we be able to do justice to the great sacrifice that the grandson of the HOLY PROPHET (A.S.) and the noble son of BIBI FATEMA ZAHRA (A.S.) and IMAM ALI BIN ABI TALIB (A.S.) who laid down on the barren fields of KARBALA on that fateful day of 10th of MUHARRAM 61 A.H.

The lessons learnt must be reflected in our actions and deeds in our daily life. I humbly request for sincere prayers from you all and may these days of sadness translate and transform our lives for the better. Ameen.