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07 August 2020 / 17. Zil-Hajj 1441

Muharram Activities - Bangladesh

The World Federation jointly with Orison Charitable Trust sponsored Muharram and Safar programmes at 23 different centres throughout the country.

The Shia community in Bangladesh is very much sincere and deunder the guidance and supervision

voted to their religious faith. When the moon of Muharram was sighted, they started the 10-day Azadari in not only the centres in urban areas, but even in rural areas where many are newly converted to Shiaism.


This year’s financial support from The World Federation and Orison Charitable Trust has largely inspired the residents in Bangladesh to arrange majalis and processions in commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (as), the Master of the martyrs and his noble companions (Peace be upon them all).

Some of the centres where majalis and other programmes were held in Noornagar, Debhata, Kushulia, Kaligonj, Chechurati, Parulia, Ashashuni, Satkhira town, Patkelghata, Khalispur, Daulatpur, Damodor, Zamira Bazar, Phultala, Gobra, Uzirpur, Jessore town, Swarupdah, Sarsa, Benapole and Kaligonj.

On Arba'een, mourners from not only these areas but also from other areas like Dhaka, Rajbari, Faridpur, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Chittagong, Syedpur etc. came to Khulna to participate in the Arba'een programme organised by the Anjuman-e-Panjatani.

Since they maintain good relations with the local administration of Khulna division, they were provided with security arrangements during the procession. They also received media coverage, as the local media team published a short news story and released images about the activities which took place during the 10 nights, spreading the message of Imam Husayn (as) even further.

This year, about three thousand mourners participated in the Arba'een majalis and the procession passed through different areas of Khulna city. They distributed two leaflets containing articles on Muharram and Arba'een to people witnessing the procession.

Sabeel and medical aid were also provided to the Azadars who came from far places to attend Arba'een in Khulna division.

The procession was attended by more than five hundred female mourners who also participated wearing Hijab.

Under the guidance and supervision of our representative Hujjatul Islam Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi, the traditional Arba'een procession of Khulna was very much successful and earned a lot of appreciation from the Mu’mineen of different areas, local people and even the government officials.

Apart from giving financial assistance to different Shia centres, we also gave Hadiya to the Muballigheen and Ulama for their special religious and propagatory activities.

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Updated 13 November 2013

This is the 11th issue of the MCE mailshot. When we sent the first issue, we explained that the purpose of the newsletter was to:

1. Update you on the progress made by MCE and its activities
2. Share good practices that are happening in other madrasah around the world
3. Share news of important developments in the field of madrasah education
4. Listen to you and take your feedback, suggestions and new ideas.

Imam Ali (as) was the first of the twelve Imams and the youngest of the four sons of Abu Talib and Fatema binte Asad.

The journey was Alhamdulillah an amazing experience. Once the participants arrived the course started in full swing with classes in the morning, outings in the evening and prayers in the Haram at night, the time flew by.