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12 August 2020 / 22. Zil-Hajj 1441

Pakistan Relief: World Federation builds 21 new homes for flood victims

Updated 19 March 2014 

Donations made to The World Federation’s PAKISTAN RELIEF FUND go a long way in helping those who live in severe poverty across Pakistan. Thanks to the support of donors from around the world, 21 new families comprising 139 individuals were gifted a new home complete with lavatory facilities across 7 villages in Pakistan’s subdivision of Tando Bago. One of the six villages where we built these new homes is extremely poor and remote. There are no proper roadways to reach there. Our agent said:  “Nobody was willing to bring building materials to the village; even brick layers and construction workers were reluctant to go there to work.”

The 21 new homes are well built and highly durable to withstand any more floods or monsoon rains. An inauguration ceremony was held to celebrate the construction of the new homes where 21 families were gifted with a set of keys, a copy of the Holy Qur’an, a book of supplications, a prayer mat, sajdagah and a tasbeeh. The beneficiaries were overjoyed and very thankful for their new homes and prayed for all of the donors and individuals who fulfilled their dream.


The need for homes in Tehsil Tando Bago was discovered last March when The World Federation had just completed a housing project in a neighbouring village. Our agent reported:  “While we were working on this project, we happened to pass through a neighbouring village. We stopped by and met the local residents there and felt very sorry to see their desperate living conditions. Since the 2010 floods, they have been living in damaged homes including mud houses. We asked them why no one had paid any attention to their needs. They replied, ‘many NGOs have visited these areas but we are still waiting for someone sincere to solve our problems’.”

Soon after, 21 deserving families who desperately needed decent housing were identified. Most of these families are farmers and are living in severe poverty. They lost everything from their homes to their personal belongings in the 2010 floods. Before the construction of these new homes,  

• 6 families lived in mud homes
• 14 families lived in small makeshift bungalows
• 1 widow lived in a house that was full of cracks


The total cost of constructing 21 new homes with attached lavatories is broken down in the table below. Traditionally, attached lavatories are not common in the villages of Pakistan, however, more recently, we have received overwhelming feedback from the womenfolk of the villages we have visited requesting attached bathrooms for both convenience and safety reasons. Sanitation is a growing problem in the flood affected areas of Pakistan, and by building these lavatories, The World Federation is addressing this need one village at a time.





New House

One room home

Size: 12’x15’x11’




Attached lavatories

Size: 5’x4’x8’






(per house & lavatory)



Family 1:  Syed Hassan has 4 children and a wife. During the 2011 floods, they retreated into the nearby forest for shelter and safety. Upon returning to their village, they were shocked to see their homes reduced to nothing. He then built a home for his family made of mud and wood he collected from the forest. Over the last four years, many organisations visited his village and promised that they would build the residents new homes. But none of them came back.

Family 2:  Religious scholar, Maulana Haideri has nine children and a wife. He runs an Islamic school and provides religious services to the local people. His home was washed away by the flood waters and the entire family took shelter in a nearby school for over two months. The conditions in the school were so bad that people were getting sick and would starve for days. Up until now, he was living in a mud home.

Family 3:  Sikandar Ali has four children and a wife. During the floods, his home was severely damaged leaving dangerous cracks. He and his family had no other option but to live there, even though their lives were in danger of the house collapsing.  Thanks to the Pakistan Relief Fund, he and his family can sleep in safety and in peace each night.

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