The following members have been nominated by the president, Dr Asgharali Moledina as Councillors for the term 2014-2017.

Below are short biographies of each of the nominees.

Al-Haj Ahmed Daya

Alhaj Ahmedbhai Daya was born in Tanzania and migrated to the UK in 1966.  He is married to Sister Nargis Daya, who is very well known in the ladies section who served the community ladies as a chairlady of Hujjat Jamaat, Stanmore a number of times. He has been blessed with 3 sons and now grandchildren.

Alhaj Ahmedbhai was the treasurer of the Hujjat London Jamaat from 1979 to 1981. Brother Ahmed qualified as a chartered accountant and spent some years practising before exploring his own business ventures.

Alhaj Ahmedbhai is amongst the longest serving Office Bearers of the World Federation. He has served as the Honorary Treasurer under four Presidents, namely Haji Haider Haji, Late Mulla Saheb, Dr Hasnain Walji and Dr Ahmed Hassam. He also served as a Councillor for the WF of KSIMC for the term 2006 – 2009.  He has been instrumental in raising voluminous donations for many of the projects of The World Federation of KSMIC.


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Al-Haj Hassan Abdulhussein

Alhaj brother Hassan Abdulhussein was born in Zanzibar, Africa and moved to Pakistan in 1968. He further migrated to the UK to pursue higher education.


His affiliation with Mehfil e Murtaza began in 1972, where he served as first a volunteer and thereafter held several posts including Hon. Secretary. He is presently serving as Vice President for the term 2012-2015.

Hassan bhai was also a keen sportsman, serving as Vice President of Hussaini Sports Club. He is a keen philanthropist; he previously served as an advisor/consultant for Zainabia Educational Society, Karachi for 18 years. Furthermore he was Chairman of Al-Ghadeer Foundation providing medical assistance for patients in need, especially children.  He was also Chairman of Save Life which looks after the victims of sectarian violence and Chief Coordinator of Hussaini Foundation since 2005. This foundation caters for the needs of highly vulnerable people since the earthquake of 2005.  Currently this foundation is providing houses to the victims of the flood disaster. Hussaini Foundation also provides and promotes education, health services, water projects, welfare programmes, including mass marriages and religious services.

Hassan bhai served as nominated councillor of The World Federation during the two tenures of President Dr Ahmed Hassam. He has been appointed as a councillor of The World Federation of KSIMC, nominated by Dr Asgher Moledina for the last two terms.

Al-Haj Masum Somji

Alhaj Masumbhai Somji was born in Burundi studying French and later relocated to Mombasa, Kenya to pursue further higher education in Mombasa. He later returned back to Burundi and joined his father’s business before he finally migrated to Dubai, UAE in 1977. Masumbhai, a successful entrepreneur, has resided in Dubai since 1977 where he incorporated a family owned advertising business in 1977 which is still thriving and sells corporate gifts.

Masumbhai’s patriotic contribution to the Shia community has been enormous and was a committee member of Dubai jamaat for two terms, followed by representing Dubai jamaat as a councillor to The World Federation. He was later appointed as a councillor to the World Federation of KSMIC for further two terms by the then Chairman, late Mulla Asger M Jaffer. His remarkable contribution did not stop there, as he was reappointed by subsequent presidents, Dr Hasnain Walji and Dr. Ahmed Hassam as a Councillor to the World Federation.

During this tenure Masumbhai was head of the Capital Project Paper and in the last term, reappointed as a Councillor and the Assistant Secretary General for ZCSS.

Masumbhai’s Jiba Career started in 1992 when Jiba Dubai was formed.  He was elected as Honorary Secretary for Jiba Dubai and also served as Vice chairman until 2011. He is now at Jiba International, the parent body as the Secretary General and has been their Secretary General for the last 8 years continuously.

Al-Haj Mohamedkazim Bhalloo

Alhaj Mohamedkazim Bhaloo was born in Dar-es-Salaam and brought up in Tanga, Tanzania. He migrated to the UK to pursue his further education in late 2003.

He qualified in the year 2006 as an accountant, upon which he joined a firm of chartered accountants in London. He later on moved to become a partner at another private accountancy firm where he still provides professional services.

Mohamedkazim bhai has the served the community in various capacities. His passion for voluntary community work started in his teens in Tanzania. He then served as a treasurer of a youth body at Hujjat Stanmore before being appointed as Assistant to the Secretary General-Treasury at COEJ. He was later elected as Assistant Treasurer of COEJ for the term 2009-2012.

At World Federation, Mohamedkazim was part of the ZCSS team and also part of the delegation that went to India in the year 2006.


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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