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30 November 2020 / 14. Rabi-Uth-Thani 1442

Shaykh Nadir Jaffer visiting “The Holy Shrine of Imam al-Ridha (as)” in October 2020

Shaykh Nadir Jaffer, Head of The World Federation’s External Tableegh Department had the opportunity to visit “The Holy Shrine of Imam al-Ridha (as)” in October 2020. He met with the Interfaith Department of the Holy Shrine to discuss the common avenues of interfaith dialogue.

Shaykh Nadir Jaffer also had the privilege to meet His Eminence Hujjatul Islam Shaykh Marwi, the Custodian of the Holy Shrine. Upon learning of the vastness of External Tableegh activities in the various countries as well as remote areas in the world, the custodianship was very touched and showed his appreciation by granting him the blessed Flag from the Grave of Imam Al-Ridha (as).

The gifting of such a precious Flag is an extremely rare phenomenon, especially from the Holy Shrine of Imam al-Ridha (as).


Last year in 2019 after Arbaeen, Shaykh Nadir was also gifted a blessed Flag from the dome of the Holy Shrine of Imam Husayn (as) by His Eminence Shaykh Abdul Mahdi Karbalaee, the Custodian of the Atabah al-Husainiyyah al-Muqaddasah. Since last year, the Flag has travelled to several countries and even some of the remotest areas, to enable Mu’mineen to pay their respects and benefit from its blessedness. Many have never been to Karbala in their lives and getting to see that red Husayni Flag for the first time filled them with emotion and softened their hearts, as it was the closest they could reach to smell the fragrance of Karbala.

May Allah (swt) make our life dedicated to our Master so we become among the flag-bearers of Imam Mahdi (atfs) and grant us the Tawfeeq of serving sincerely on the Path of Muhammad wa Aali Muhammad (saw) until we die and receive their intercession in the Hereafter; ameen.

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