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13 January 2018 / 25. Rabi-Uth-Thani 1439

Solidarity Day - Arusha Jamaat Members Walks For The Needy And Deserving

Posted on Wed, 2014-06-25 20:04

In response to the appeal of the Africa Federation, the Arusha Jamaat organized Solidarity Charity Walk, on a cool morning on Sunday 15th June 2014 from 8.30 am.

Walkers from all walks of life, children, young, old, and for the first time the ladies participated, in this walk to mark the Solidarity Day, with an impressive turnout of 127 members. The participants were keen and enthusiastic to participate as the preparations were underway for this popular fund raising walk, being organized by the Arusha Jamaat for the second year.

The event was organized proficiently by the Kilimeru Sports Club in collaboration with the Jamaat of Arusha. Starting with a welcome cup of hot coffee; the route taken was from the Youth League ground, around newly tarmac road of Eleriani area, and ending at Youth League. The closing was marked with presentations to participants, and who were also served with delicious breakfast arranged by the famous Naaz Hotel Restaurant of Arusha.

Solidarity Day has been chosen by Africa Federation as a special day to raise awareness on the plight of the needy in our community while we celebrate the auspicious occasion of the birthday of Imam of our time, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (ATFS).

The Solidarity Day Walk culminated with a get-together with a wonderful opportunity for the community members to meet, exchange ideas and moreover it was a healthy and joyous day out for everyone, and enjoy delicious and healthy breakfast.

Insha’allah, a handsome amount is expected from the Solidarity Day Walk.




KSI Jamaat of Arusha

17th June 2014

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