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24 September 2020 / 6. Safar 1442

Spiritual Gems of Hajj

During the days of Hajj there are many recitations we can do to reap the rewards of this holy month. Read our latest PDF article to learn more. 

The article covers the following:

  1. Spiritual Excellences of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  2. First First Ten Nights and Days of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  3. General Acts of Worship

  4. First Day of Dhu’l Ḥijjah

  5. Second Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  6. Third Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  7. Seventh Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  8. Eighth Day of Dhu’l Ḥijjah

  9. Night of ʿArafah

  10. Day of ʿArafah (9th of Dhū’l Ḥijjah)

  11. Supplication of Imam al-Ḥusayn on the Day of ʿArafah Tenth Night of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  12. Tenth Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  13. Fifteenth Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  14. Eighteenth Night of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  15. Eighteenth Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  16. Eid al-Ghadeer

  17. Pact of Loyalty on the Day of Ghadeer

  18. Twenty Second Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  19. Twenty--Fourth Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  20. Day of Mubāhilah

  21. Twenty--Fifth Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah

  22. Last Day Last Day Last Day Last Day of Dhū’l Ḥijjah 


"During the course of this intriguing discourse, the Imam succinctly explains the spiritual dimensions of the hajj rituals, and as we see at the end of the tradition, the Imam’s words have a profound effect on al-Shibli.” So writes the translator in his introduction to The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj , a translation of Imam Zayn al-Abidin’s (as) discourse on hajj with al-Shibli.

This work was first published in 2014 by ICAS Press in the Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies . It is shared here with kind permission from the publisher.

Download the PDF here .


1.  Spiritual Gems of Hajj | Recommended Daily Acts of Worship of Dhu'l Hijjah | Part 1 of 6

2.  Spiritual Gems of Hajj | Living the Hajj in our Daily Lives: Preparing in Life | Part 2 of 6

3.  Spiritual Gems of Hajj | Living the Hajj in our Daily Lives: Making the Intention | Part 3 of 6

4.  Spiritual Gems of Hajj | Living the Hajj in our Daily Lives: The Sacred House of Allah | Part 4 of 6

5.  Spiritual Gems of Hajj | Living the Hajj in our Daily Lives: A Time of Change | Part 5 of 6

6.  Spiritual Gems of Hajj | Living the Hajj in our Daily Lives:  | Part 6 of 6

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