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23 March 2018 / 6. Rajab 1439

The World Federation presents lifetime achievement awards to community members cont

Updated on 12 March 2018

Elders of the Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim Communities around the globe have made significant contributions throughout their lives to the betterment of their communities. As mentioned in the newswire, The World Federation presented six lifetime achievement awards during the 14th Ordinary Conference on Saturday 17th May 2014.  The male individuals were honored with the traditional Gujarati turban "Paghadi" and the female individual with a “Pachedi” for their selfless efforts. Six individuals were present to accept the award, and four were presented the award at a later date.  Today we meet the last of the final recipients:


Raziabai Jan Muhammad from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Raziabai Jan Muhammad was born in Lamu, Kenya. After completing her A levels in secular studies, she pursued a course in teacher training. Upon successfully finishing the teacher training program, Raziabai was offered two wonderful opportunities in education; these included director of a school and Madrasah teacher. After consulting with Maulana Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi, she decided to spend her life in the Madrasah where she taught for 37 years.  In 1976, she was inspired by Muhammadbhai Dhirani to begin her teaching career in the Madrasah up until 2012. Here, she taught Quran, fiqh, history and Arabic. Her passion for the Madrasah continues till today where she now participates in a Quranic reflection class in Dar es Salaam.  When she first started teaching in the Madrasa, there were only 92 girls; over the years this number has grown exponentially. These pioneer students are now the grandparents of many of her present day students.


Mohamed Abdulla Khalfan from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mohamed Abdulla Khalfan was born in Mombasa in 1932. Now 82 years old, he has been involved in community work for several years, selflessly devoting his time and energy.  He stands out a unique person having served the community and broader circles in different capacities for over sixty years.  He is known as a leader, thinker and a writer. 

He conceptualized and founded a non-profit company, JIDA (Jaffery Initiatives Dar es Salaam Limited) in 2013 which extends interest free loans to the members of Dar es Salaam community, and for eleven years he served as CEO of the Tanzania Housing bank Estates Company Limited (TECO) from its inception in 1977 until 1988. Mohamed bhai has also played a vital role in various matters related to The Africa Federation and has appeared on the panel of Hamza Kassongo's weekly TV program several times.   He has expressed his opinions on politics, good governance, commerce, social and civic issues.  In 2002 he published the book titled "Simple Child Psychology". His second book "Time tells" is on the subject of managing family issues before they develop into family problems.

Nazir Jessa from Tanzania

Amongst many other activities, Nazir bhai set up a project to refurbish computers to donate to schools in his home country which is supported by the University of Bedfordshire's student volunteer programme. In 1994 he founded the Hertfordshire Ethnic Minority Business Network and 2003 he founded the Luton Minority Business Network which he continues to run successfully.  Mr. Jessa is a court member of the University of Bedfordshire and an ardent supporter.






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The aim of this second visit was to chart out plans to improve the administration of the center, assessment of the opportunities available for Tabligh, improve facilities with quality infrastructure and to see the welfare of the community.

The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) thanks all the A'alims, Zakirs and Zakiras who kindly accepted the postings and travelled to various Jamaats to convey the message of Seyyid-ul Shohadah Abdillahi Hussain (A.S.) and keep alive the spirit of Azadari of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the martyrs of Kerbala.