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20 April 2018 / 4. Shabaan 1439

Youth Leadership Programme 2014

Updated on 12 March 2018

A significant step being taken to invest in our youth. Applications now open.

The CoEJ Capacity Building Desk and CoEJ Youth Desk are pleased to present the Youth Leadership Development Programme 2014.

Who: Youth (both male and female) aged 18 – 24

When: Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August 2014 (two day residential course)

Aim: The primary aim of this programme is to develop personal and leadership capacity across the youth in CoEJ. The type of youth that will enable our communities to meet the challenges posed by the future and to fully serve the common good of both the Khoja Shia Ithna’Asheri communities and wider society.

What does the Youth LDP entail?

The Youth LDP (YLDP) engages you in a range of experiential, reflective and interactive exercises in a comfortable, supportive and professional environment. 

Whether you are just beginning to get more actively involved in community work or have been contributing for years and are keen to develop capacity, you will find the YLDP stimulating, insightful and challenging.

The YLDP is being run by a team of experienced facilitators. We are confident you will get a lot out of taking part. You’ll enjoy new forms of teaching and training and will have the opportunity to share your experiences with brothers and sisters with the observance of Hijab.

£75 (Heavily Subsidised - includes overnight accomodation & Halal Meals. The CoEJ subsidised cost is ONLY for participants from CoEJ member Jamaats)

Apply now at the CoEJ Website 

Testimonials from last year's cohort include:

The YLDP showed me how to look at human development within the framework of my faith. But most of all, the YLDP ignited the spark and the self-satisfaction of voluntary work.

Attending the YLDP last year was one of the best choices I made. The way the leaders engaged with the participants was brilliant. They built a unique relationship with everyone present which made the time spent  learning more enjoyable. “ 

Twitter: @CoEJ #YLDP


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