By the Grace of Allah (SWT), The World Federation is pleased to announce 1000 secured FREE visas for the forthcoming Ziyarat of Imam Husayn (a) during Arba’een 1443 (Safar 2021) for community members.


Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, President of The World Federation, recently visited Najaf, Iraq, where he was made aware of the difficult challenges faced by the Zuwwar in obtaining visas as well as the underlying costs, especially those travelling from the East, who have the extra pressure of obtaining a Ziyarat visa to travel to Iraq. Having discussed these with relevant authorities, Alhamdulillah The World Federation has managed to get an initial allocation of 1000 free visas for our community members.


In order to alleviate this pressure of added cost, Ziyarat group leaders, as well as individual travellers, can now apply for this FREE Iraq visa scheme (Visa cost of $100 will be waived) through The World Federation!


Applying as a Ziyarat Group:

A maximum of 80 visas may be secured for Ziyarat groups at this point of time. Organisers must send details of the required visas directly to The World Federation’s Najaf coordination unit. Please e-mail at:


Applying as an Individual:

Individuals are requested to submit their passport copy and contact details directly to:


Direct Contact Details:

The Group/Caravan leaders and Zuwwar can contact The World Federation’s coordinator in Najaf via WhatsApp: Alhaj Abdul Karim Ali Lalji on +9647729553555


In order for your application to be successful for a free visa to Iraq, you will need to submit your application by Saturday 12th Muharram 1443 / 21st August 2021 23:59 BST.


Please note: