Youth programmers, developers, problem solvers – this is your call to action! Unleash your skills, learn from the best, and forge connections that could shape the future of your coding journey. Don’t miss out on the fun; this is your time to code, compete, and conquer!

Led by Pakistan Federation, in collaboration with The World Federation of KSIMC, we are excited to announce Code Bash – Ultimate Challenge! Code Bash features the exhilarating Speed Programming event, where participants, from beginners to seasoned coders, can showcase their skills and creativity. This event will be a unique opportunity to learn, compete, and have fun with the global programming community.

Programmers and individuals with strong algorithmic and logical thinking skills are welcome! It’s not just for coders; if you love solving problems and have a knack for logical thinking, this competition is for you. This thrilling competition is even held by global tech giants like Google, etc.

• Recognition of brilliant minds within the community

• Community Engagement & personal growth

• Tech Awareness amongst the youth

• Motivation to compete in tech competitions globally

• Problem Solving and Innovation

• Networking Opportunities

• The program will be held virtually on Saturday, 30th of December 2023

• The timing for the competition will be at
Toronto: 09:00
London Time (GMT): 14:00
Dar es Salaam: 17:00
Dubai: 18:00
Karachi: 19:00
Mumbai: 19:30
Sydney: 01:00

• The competition will be hosted on Hacker Rank (Global Platform)

• Maximum Age limit of up to 30 years (No minimum age)

• Teams can be of minimum 2 and maximum 3 participants.

• Teams should be either all female participants or all male participants.

• Participants from any field can participate.

• Participants need to register on 

• Registration will start from 5th Dec 2023

• Registration deadline is 25th Dec 2023

• Upon registration, participants will receive an email on their registered email address which will have guidelines for their team.

• Our communication team will connect with all the registered teams after the deadline as a reminder and guide them if they need any guidance.

• All teams will connect with us on zoom and hacker rank (platform for the competition).

• Every team will connect through one zoom account with team name.

• Opening ceremony

• There will be 2 rounds.

First Round: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Break: 20 mins.

Second Round: 1 hour and 30 minutes + 30 mins for viva

• Guest speaker session. (15 minutes)

• Closing Ceremony.

Sign up now for Code Bash and be part of the global programming extravaganza. Let’s code, compete, and create unforgettable memories together!