Over a period of just short of two years a Constitution Review Committee (CRC) has worked on a new constitution for The World Federation

This global Constitutional Review Committee was mandated by the Triennial Conference in May/June 2021. The CRC has representation from across all six Regional Federations as well as the Office Bearers’ and the Electoral Commission. The CRC also opted to bring in members at large based on their expertise. We are grateful to all the members that participated during this arduous and humbling process.

The CRC produced three documents that have the aim to make our Global Umbrella body-The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities stronger and sustainable for years to come.

After more than 30 CRC meetings, and many more sub “working stream” meetings, having had legal advice through multiple iterations, sought input from member regions, and also consulted ‘Ulama with repute and knowledge, the CRC has recommended 3 documents for The World Federation Constitutional Conference to take place 9-11 June in London.

The three documents that have been produced and put forward to the Conference in June are

    A new proposed constitution. Some of the new features of this constitution are:

Simplifying the structure so that a supreme governing body (‘the Conference’) takes the place of the current middle layer (Executive Council) and top layer (the current Conference). This Conference, with ultimate power, will be smaller (113 councillors ) rather than 160 councillors and delegates and will be held frequently (minimum once a year vs once every 3 years which is the case now)

To ensure that the workings of the Board of Trustees (the Office Bearers) resonate and has anchoring in regions, a Consultation Leadership Committee, comprising of Office Bearers of regions, elected councillors and Board of Trustees meet up on quarterly basis for key updates, consultations and advice.

To ensure an inclusive organisation, there will be earmarked councillor positions for female participation (x2 females per region at minimum) and (x1 youth of 35 years or under per region at minimum)

    A new SOP for the election of The WF President has also been produced. This is a document that has taken into account the concerns raised over time, since the last elections, points raised by regions and community members. By also taking special attention of having it consistent with the new constitution and removing ambiguities, it is the aspiration of the CRC – that our democratic processes within the organisation will be strengthened.

    What to do during points of disagreement?  Having consulted ‘Ulamaa, including the offices of the Maraje, who are clear that conflicts and points of disagreements should be settled internally. To make use of the full talent of our community, an ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) Facility has been proposed. This will allow a route to solve issues when they arise in a most smooth and fair manner.

“It is my hope and prayers that the community and its leaders embrace these very diligent and needed documents that have been produced by a very able team. The work of actively seeking legal, religious and regional member consultation – shows that this work has gone through a holistic as well as a deep review process. I would like to thank my international team that has come together and shown great love and passion to make our organisation fit for decades ahead. I urge all community members to rally and support these documents that have been produced”

The Chair of the CRC, Alhaj Arif Bhai Asaria

Download the Conference Pack consisting of the 3 milestone documents as well as a summary of key changes and rationale.

Please find below a document comparing the current and the proposed constitution.

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