May 9th, 2024

To the Members of The World Federation of KSIMC

Salaamun ‘Alykum

We, the Electoral Commission of the term 2021-2024 elected to conduct the election of any post of The World Federation of KSIMC, hereby declare that based on the ballots cast submitted to us by the Federated Members of The World Federation of KSIMC within the specified time and counted by us, hereby declare that Safder Jaffer having received the largest number of electoral college points has been duly elected as The President of The World Federation of KSIMC for the term 2024-2027.

The count was made in the presence of the two Executive Councillors, Dr Husein Jiwa and Br Rasool Bhamani elected by the Executive Council to witness the count.

The declaration was based on the following:

Our sincere note of appreciation and thanks to all the volunteers and staff at all local jamaats and Regional Federations for their generous time and assistance during the elections.

A full report of the Presidential Election 2024 will be presented at the Triennial Conference 2024.

Electoral Commission
Fayaz Datoo – Chairman
Dr Jaffer Dharsee – Member
Shakir Ali Rawjani – Member