An Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Council 2021 – 2024 was held from
19th – 20th February 2022 
in Dar es Salaam (with councillors joining remotely through a hybrid model) at short notice, and kindly facilitated by the Africa Federation.
The meeting was called due to two urgent agendas items:
1. Update on the Capital Project of Husseini Islamic Centre of Florida (Orlando Jamaat)
2. Legal Update

Update on Capital Project of Husseini Islamic Centre of Florida
(Orlando Jamaat)

After commencement with the recitation of the Holy Quran, we had the first item on the agenda – Update on capital project of Husseini Islamic Centre of Florida (Orlando Jamaat), which was deliberated on. Shaykh Dr. Murtadha Alidina gave an insightful summary after his visit to Ayatollah Sayyid Sistani (d) in Najaf recently on how to deal with conflict resolutions. He discussed how Agha recommends on resolving conflicts in the community amicably internally.

The President gave an update on his recent visit to Orlando as well as input from the reconciliation team. The following resolution was then passed:

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the timeline for the Reconciliation Delegation in the below mentioned Resolution passed at the First meeting of the Executive Council of the term 2021-2024 is extended by a further 45 days from 19 February 2022 with an emphasis for the panel to complete within 30 days.

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the President of The World Federation, will release the Ijaza upon Husseini Islamic Centre of Florida (Orlando Jamaat) securing 30% of the value of the project; subject to reconciliatory efforts made by a World Federation delegation in Orlando within 60 days.

Legal Update

A legal update was given where the President gave a detailed account of the legal issue in chronological order to date. This was followed by extensive discussions by councillors and a number of resolutions were also passed (listed below). In parallel, the EXCO also decided to establish a mediation task force. The mediation task force then issued the following statement:

Mediation Task Force Statement on 20 February 2022 to the WF Executive Council The Mediation Task Force appointed by the WF Executive Council on 19th February 2022 met this morning to deliberate on a way forward. They spoke to both parties, the current WF Trustees and Mohamed Bhai Jaffer, who consented to the workings of the group. The Mediation Task Force will endeavour to reach an out of court settlement within 2 weeks. This effort will run parallel with the current court proceedings.

Mentioned below are a number of resolutions passed by the Executive Council:

Resolution 1

It is hereby resolved that The World Federation will abide by the resolution appended below, passed at the Third Exco of 2 May 2010 term 2009-2012, and will not release the video recording of the Fifth Exco of the term 2017-2020 held in Birmingham, UK on 2 November, 2019 unless required by a Court Order.

32.2 Dr Mohsin Jaffer proposed DVDs of any World Federation Meetings never to be released to anybody. They are to be used only for the secretariat to write minutes. Seconded by Javed Shroff. The motion was carried.

Resolution 2

The World Federation takes anonymity of donors prudently. As such it is resolved that the donor lists of The World Federation should not be shared outside the circle of the Trustees, authorised auditors of the institution and in instances where legally required by UK Law.

Resolution 3

It is hereby resolved that we, the executive council of The World Federation, do not approve of any kind of litigation, current or future, against any of our community institutions, or their trustees or office bearers in their official capacities, past or present, and that any disputes that may arise inter se should be amicably resolved using internal mechanisms. This is in line with the guidance given to us by our Marja.

The World Federation extended a vote of thanks to the volunteers who assisted throughout the meeting during the two days.

We would also like to extend are appreciation again to the Dar es Salaam Jamaat for hosting the Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Council, Africa Federation for facilitating it, and to all who participated. There were 15 councillors who were present in person with about 38 who joined on Zoom in this hybrid meeting – Alhamdulillah.