In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful


The Islamic Education Department of The World Federation has received inquiries from Mu’mineen, asking:

“If there is a deserving needy faqir in one’s own city or country, is it permissible for them to send zakaat al-fitrah electronically or physically to another city in the vicinity or abroad, to The World Federation for instance?”

Answer: According to Ayatullah Sistani (H)’s fatwa; it is permissible to transfer funds, e.g. through an electronic payment to another region and give a person or organization such as The WF for example, the power of attorney (wikaala) to pay zakaat al-fitrah on one’s behalf.

However, in the spirit of addressing the hardships of local deserving needy first, The Islamic Education Department advises all Mu’mineen to pay attention to the local qualified needy in their city. Therefore we advise them to pay the zakaat al-fitrah locally, either to their jamaats or Islamic centres. Only in the absence of a deserving qualified needy (mustahiq) locally, should they transfer their payments abroad to the WF, for example.

Please refer to the previous article for further information.

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Islamic Education Department
The World Federation of KSIMC

9th May 2021 / 26th Ramadhan 1442