At the World Federation’s Education department, we are continuously striving to empower the Khoja community with the ability to improve their quality of life through Higher Education. Our goal is to enable growth and progress through education, creating a generation of skilled individuals who will work together to improve and strengthen their communities.

The Hiridjee Foundation Student Loan for Female Students has been one of the fundamental Loan Schemes under the Education department that has been publicised for all Khoja female students requiring financial assistance to achieve their goals and career aspirations. The Trust Fund was launched in 2008 and provisions were made to provide loans to 2 female students for a maximum of three years at £ 10,000 p.a. and the same arrangement has been followed over the years. However, this year the Foundation Family has generously increased the loan amount to £ 12,500 p.a. and are supporting 4 students.

Since 2008, the Hiridjee Foundation Student Loan has assisted more than 30 female students to pursue Higher Education in respectable fields of their choice.


Meet the 2020-21 Recipients of the Hiridjee Foundation Student Loan

This year, four applicants were shortlisted for the loan, and all the applications looked promising. Their excellent academic performance, in addition to their voluntary involvement in the community was commendable. Therefore, the Loan Application Committee (LAC), with the generous support of the Trust, decided to grant the loan to all four applicants. Please read below to know more about them.

Zahra Ebrahim

Hiridjee Loan recipient

Zahra Ebrahim, originally from Nairobi, is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB Honors) from the University of Westminster, London. She has been awarded an amount of £ 12,500 per year for a period 3 years for her education.

As a recipient of the loan, Zahra says:
“I am ever grateful for having received the Hiridjee Loan to pursue an LLB in Law at the University of Westminster. It had always been a dream of mine, to not only study Law, but do so at a well-established institution, which would not have been possible had I not received the loan. Alhamdulillah I will now be able to fulfil my dreams to the best of my capabilities and Inshallah give back to my community.”


Sabiha Jetha

Sabiha Jetha, originally from Arusha, is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB Honors) from the Coventry University, Coventry, UK. She has been awarded an amount of £ 12,500 per year for a period of 3 years for her undergraduate degree.

On being awarded the loan, Sabiha commented:
I am very grateful to receive the Hiridjee loan that will grant me with an opportunity in fulfilling my ambition and interest in pursuing an undergraduate in LLB Law which eventually would create an opportunity to be a part of the legal system and make a difference. The undergraduate study will provide me with a better understanding of how laws are developed, discussed, formulated and applied. My interest is the criminal and mental health aspect that I hope to be a part of in the future. Once again I thank you for all the support.”


Sania Merchant

Hiridjee Loan recipient 3

Sania Merchant, originally from Mumbai, is pursuing her Master’s degree in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. She has been awarded an amount of £ 12,500 per year for a period of 2 years for her Master’s Program.

After being finalised as a recipient for the loan, Sania expressed her gratitude and mentioned:
I’m very grateful to the World Federation team for providing me an interest free loan to complete my master’s in Industrial Biotechnology. During the time of pandemic when I was struggling, at that time this loan came to me as a blessing. I’m honored to be one of their shortlisted candidate. Now I look forward to avail my knowledge for the service of the Imam (atfs), Ameen.”


Abida Habib

Hiridjee Loan recipient 4

Abida resides in Nairobi and is pursuing a Diploma in Early Education from Montessori Learning Centre Ltd, in Nairobi. She has been awarded an amount of £4,220 for a span of 15 months towards her Diploma Program.

As a final recipient of the loan, she says:
“I wish to sincerely thank the Hiridjee Loan Foundation who have supported me in making my dream possible. It has always been my dream to study Early Childhood Education as I feel a child’s future is shaped in their early years. Therefore, it is highly essential that a child is provided with the best. Studying this does not confine one to becoming a kindergarten teacher only, but this can also heavily contribute in the upbringing of one’s own children. Early Childhood Education studies also leads to opportunities in further studies like special needs education or Speech and language therapy which I wish to pursue in the future, God willing. With the help of God, I aim to contribute back to my community after the completion of my course and help in raising responsible, caring and capable Muslims God Willing. Once again, my sincerest appreciation to those who made all this possible.”


Degree/Diploma Courses Supported over the Years

The Hiridjee Foundation Student Loan has provided support to students for numerous courses over the years. Some of the most popular courses are:

Loans given to

We congratulate all recipients of the Hiridjee Loan and wish them success in their future endeavours.

The World Federation of KSIMC would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hiridjee Foundation for their generosity in providing loans for girls to pursue their Higher Education and achieve their life long dreams. We pray that Allah (swt) continues to shower the family with blessings and grant them infinite rewards for their continued support towards the field of Higher Education, Ameen.