The much-anticipated Youth Camps is back after a 2-year hiatus. The World Federation in partnership with India Federation is pleased to announce that the India Youth camp is officially back this October for its 9th year running.

These Youth camps are aimed to cover a range of interesting topics including interactive sessions, sports activities and personal development training. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop Islamically, spiritually and socially, with other like-minded children of our community.

The camps will concentrate on how to implement Islamic teachings in our daily life, as we look into imbibing social awareness and responsibilities to the participants in a ‘play and learn’ environment.

To ensure that we cater to all different methods of learning in participants, the camp is divided into insightful lectures covering some prominent need-of-the-hour topics, wholesome physical activities, assignments, and areas for personal development.

Some of the topics that we aim to cover during the camp:

1. Wudhu, Adhaan, Iqamah and Salaat assessment

2. Quran / Dua recitation assessment

3. Taqleed

4. Salaat and its rules

5. Youth Issues

6. Socio-Islamic topics

7. Sports activities

8. Personal development activities

The registration for the camps are now open. The seats are very limited and on first come first serve basis. If you want to enroll yourself or your child, you must apply before the deadline date, which is Sunday 09th October 2022.

To apply, please click on the links below:

Boys Camp (age 12-16):
22nd October – 26th October 2022

Girls Camp (age 10-14):
26th October – 30th October 2022

Participant and Parent Feedbacks that we have received over the years:

Public speaking, treasure hunt, table tennis and personalized lectures were among my favourite activities on the camp. Everything was perfect enough and no more special changes. You all are doing unbelievable job for the youth.” – Previous Participant

Treasure hunt, drawing with the team, camp news, etc, all the activities and all the lectures were excellent. I did not face any problems at the camp because your arrangement was excellent.” – Previous Participant

This was the first time our daughter had gone out on a camp and was away from us for 3 days and we were not worried as we were getting regular updates from there about the activities over there. Our daughter had a great experience, and she did not only enjoy it but she learnt a lot from this camp and also made new friends. Thanks a lot to WF and especially to Asad Bhai for organising such a camp. Keep it up. Looking forward and waiting for such kind of activities again.” – Parent of a previous Participant.

Download the poster here and share with your friends and family.