As part of our Khoja Heritage Day celebrations, we are excited to announce competitions for three age groups: children under 16, youth 16 to 25, and seniors 55 plus.

Competitions include:

Poetry video – in English, Gujarati, French or Urdu

Essay writing – in English, Gujarati, French or Urdu


Essays to be at least 1300 words in writing

Poetry to be between 3 and 5 minutes by way of a video

The submissions may be in English, Gujarati, Urdu or French.

Judges’ decision will be final

Children (under 16): $200, $100, $50 gift vouchers for the 3 winning entries.

Youth (16 to 25): Full package for the Khoja Heritage Tour for one person.

Seniors (55 plus): Ground package for Khoja Heritage Tour for two persons.

Poetry Themes:

“My Khoja Family”

“A Day in My Khoja Community”


Essay Themes:

“My Favorite Khoja Tradition”

“The Story My Grandparents Told Me”

“A Khoja Hero I Admire”

Poetry Themes:

“Roots and Wings: My Khoja Identity”

“Echoes of Our Ancestors”

“Khoja Spirit Through the Ages”


Essay Themes:

“Preserving Khoja Heritage in the Modern World”

“Khoja Contributions to Global Society”

“The Evolution of Khoja Identity”

Essay Themes:

“Memories of Khoja Life in East Africa”

“Passing Down Our Khoja Traditions”

“The Role of Khoja Elders in Today’s Society”

Global Khoja Heritage Day Children’s Quiz Competition

For children under 16!

Celebrate Khoja Heritage Day by participating in our exciting Global Khoja Quiz Competition. Watch the “Once Upon a Time” videos and test your knowledge.

   – The first prize for each region will be $200.

– The second prize for each region will be $150.

– The third prize for each region will be $50.

– Winners will be announced on Khoja Heritage Day. Prizes will be given at the Jamaat KHD Celebrations

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn, compete, and win! Register now!

1. Eligibility

– Participants must be under 16 years of age.

– Each participant’s parents must belong to a jamaat to one of the following regions: AFED, Nasimco, CoEJ, Pakistan Federation, Dubai, India Federation, Khoja Australasia Communities.

2. Content

– The quiz questions will be based on the “Once Upon a Time” videos nos 1, 2, 4, & 8 WATCH HERE

– Children and parents are encouraged to watch all above videos to prepare.

3. Format

– The competition will be conducted online.

– Participants can access a link here to the quiz.

– The quiz will consist of multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and one essay question.

4. Submission

– All quiz responses must be submitted by September 30, 2024

– Late submissions will not be accepted.

5. Judging

– KHP will appoint a panel of judges.

– Judges will evaluate submissions based on accuracy, completeness, and understanding of the content.

We request all parents to encourage  all children to participate and celebrate our rich heritage.

We look forward to your creative and thoughtful submissions that celebrate and preserve our rich Khoja heritage. Let’s come together to honor our past and inspire our future!