You are cordially invited to attend the first of an annual festival – The Khoja Heritage Day – at your local Jamaat on Saturday 22nd October or Sunday 23rd October. Look out for details from your Jamaat on their selected date.

This is a global event that will string together the story of the struggles and successes behind the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Community. You will be taken on a special one-thousand-year journey with a walk-through exhibition and audio-visual clips celebrating the rich legacy behind our community. This will be topped up by a short film on the Khoja heritage, a humorous skit to lighten the mood, and of course conclude with a sampling of Khoja cuisine.

On Sunday 23rd October, the festival will culminate with a live global event which will host a speaking panel of World Federation and Regional leaders reflecting on how we understand the past to envision our future.

The purpose of this enlightening weekend is to appreciate the struggle of our ancestors in reverting to the path of the Ahlulbayt, to give a sense of identity to our youth and to create a greater community cohesion around the world.

Join us with your elders and young ones for an exciting and inspiring event, Inshallah. Karibuni!