The World Federation’s Khoja Heritage Project recently held its 6th successful Khoja Heritage Tour in India, in January 2024, which marked a significant milestone in the program’s journey.

This two-week-long tour has rapidly emerged as a flagship project, attracting an enthusiastic response from community members eager to explore their origins and history. Delving into the rich tapestry of their heritage, participants gained valuable insights into the cultural and historical significance of their ancestral roots.

From visiting historical landmarks to engaging with local communities, each aspect of the tour was meticulously curated to provide participants with an immersive experience.

The goal of The Khoja Heritage Project is to offer participants a deeper connection with their roots, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the community. Through initiatives like the Khoja Heritage Tours, individuals have the opportunity to explore their heritage firsthand, gaining a greater understanding of their cultural heritage and ancestral lineage.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming opportunities to connect with your heritage through The Khoja Heritage Project.