The MCE Tarbiyah Curriculum, that follows an integrated approach to teaching using learner-centred focus lessons, continues to enhance the teacher’s ability to effectively deliver the curriculum through its training programs. Many madaris across several continents have undergone this training in order to begin their new academic year with Tarbiyah.

Diagram below shows the number of teachers trained globally in 2022-2023.

In January 2023, the MCE headed to sunny Africa to conduct Tarbiyah Curriculum training. Due to the sheer number of other madaris also interested across the East African region, the training was managed in 2 phases.

For the first phase, Sr. Zulekha Hirji – Head of MCE and Sr. Sajeeda Virani – MCE Core Team Member travelled to Mombasa at the beginning of January to conduct a refresher training for their existing teachers as well as a Curriculum Training program. Teachers from madaris in Nairobi and Arusha were also present in these sessions.

For the opening of the curriculum training in Mombasa on Saturday 7th January 2023,
we were honoured to be joined by the respective Office Bearers, as well as the
principal of Husayni Madrasah, including:

Alhaj Hasnain Karim – Principal of Husayni Madrasah, Alhaj Sajjad Walji – Chairman of AFTAB,
Alhaj Aunali Khalfan – Africa Federation Vice, Alhaj Amine Nassor – Africa Federation Chairman and
Alhaj Zuhair Jaffer – Africa Federation Hon Secretary 

The trainers were joined by 13 teachers for the refresher session where they discussed planning and plenary activities for lessons, how to keep lessons engaging, how to use the Tarbiyah digital portal and much more! They also demonstrated a lesson and discussed challenges that the teachers face, and potential solutions to help them. The teachers were all very well engaged and enthusiastic to learn and improve.

For the curriculum training program, they were joined by 6 teachers from Hayderi Madrasah Nairobi, 1 teacher from Yadgare Murtazawi Madressa Arusha and 14 teachers from Husayni Madrasah Mombasa. The training lasted the whole day, and the teachers asked some interesting questions and sharing some very thought-provoking ideas during the workshops.

Over the last few months, MCE was invited by the madrasah in Dar es Salaam (one of the biggest we have globally) to discuss their interest in adopting Tarbiyah. As of January 2023, they have begun their new academic year with the curriculum for Bands A and B – and this is the beginning of a staggered approach to implementing the full curriculum.

The second phase of training took place in Dar es Salaam, for teachers from Husayni Madrasah over 2 half days. These teachers represented those that teach grades 1 & 2 who will be teaching Bands A and B.

The training program was structured to centre around early years children in Bands A and B. Several story telling techniques were shared with the teachers, who were very interactive and interested to learn. The participants shared ideas and valuable experiences which were very beneficial.

The trainers were also blessed to be given the opportunity to present the Tarbiyah curriculum to the parents of students in Bands A and B students during the Husayni Madrasah induction morning. Following respected Shaykh Kamran’s Qur’an presentation, the Tarbiyah concept was introduced to the parents and the teaching ethos was shared with them.

Part of the storybook ‘Machli learns about wudhu’ was presented to a group of boys from Class 1. The amazing students thoroughly enjoyed the story, and Alhamdulillah MCE received some very positive feedback from teachers, parents and students alike!

We look forward to continue working together with all the fantastic teachers and madrasah teams, as they continue to inspire and empower their students along their Tarbiyah learning journeys inshallah.