The MCE has embarked on the initial stages in the creation of a global Qur’an Curriculum. We have been consulting with Madaris around the world as well as our regional Qur’an champions to get their perspective, on the needs, gaps and vision for what they perceive a robust, well-rounded and holistic Qur’an Curriculum should include.

The need for a standardized, high quality, state of the art curriculum has never been so prevalent. Globalisation has meant that people are frequently migrating between cities, countries and continents.

A survey was sent out to 68 Madaris from whom we received 52 responses. Of these, less than a handful feel that their current Qur’an program is sufficient. The overwhelming majority have shown a pressing need for a globalised curriculum, with a view for catering to regional nuances and differentiated teaching and learning.

To bring together stakeholders from around the world and discuss the way forward for creating a global Qur’an Curriculum, the MCE hosted a Qur’an Curriculum Conference from 13th-15th of May 2022 in London, UK.

In attendance at the conference was The WF President, Alhaj Safder Jaffer, The WF Vice President, Dr. Munir Datoo, WF Treasurer, Br. Zaffar Khakoo, WF Assistant Treasurer, Br. Sajjad Rajan, WF Secretary General, Br. Arifali Hirji, Head of Islamic Education, Shaykh Dr. Murtadha Alidina, Manager of Islamic Education, Shaykh Afzal Merali and this also included scholars, participants and speakers from around the world.

The conference opened with a beautiful recitation of Qur’an by Br. Hasnain Juma, followed by a captivating opening address by The WF President – Alhaj Safder Jaffer and a warm welcome by the Head of MCE – Sr. Zulekha Hirji.

This was followed by a phenomenal line up of speakers from around the world who shared their expertise, experience and expansive subject knowledge in relation to Qur’an recitation  and hifdh (memorisation) as well as opportunities for participants to peruse through the plethora of Qur’an resources and curruicula, network and share common challenges, best practices and ideas for the future. The conference was eloquently hosted by the WF Secretary General – Br. Arifali Hirji.

The focus for Day 2 was Qur’an Reflection.

After a stunning recitation by Syed Hani al Wardi, the audience were honoured to hear the Keynote speech delivered by Shaykh Dr. Murtaza Alidina – Head of Islamic Education, who gave an inspiring address on the Overarching Qur’an Reflection Vision. The participants were presented with different perspectives and thought provoking topics such as the need for creating an inclusive curriculum (including methodologies and techniques for those with special needs), catering for regional nuances, online and digitised teaching and learning, and much more!

The atmosphere in the room was electric as everyone collectively dreamed of and imagined a world-wide curriculum.

At the end of the main conference, there was much food for thought, many ideas were shared and a collective prayer for the launch and success of the Qur’an Curriculum.

A selection of scholars, curriculum writers and recitation experts were asked to stay back to chart a way forward. Motivated by the incredible Qur’an recitation by Br. Aliakbar Dewji, and an inspirational talk by Shaykh Dr. Murtadha Alidina, they were divided into 2 works streams:

  • Qur’an Recitation
  • Qur’an Reflection


With Allah’s Mercy and Grace, significant progress was made in both works streams. With support from the President in his closing remarks, the Conference ended successfully alhamdullilah.

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to working together with our global team to create a holistic world-wide Qur’an Curriculum that will continue to strengthen our bonds with The Holy Qur’an, inshallah.