Communities throughout Europe, particularly in the UK, are evolving by expanding or moving to new centres to meet the fast evolving needs of the community. The President of the World Federation, Alhaj Safder Jaffer, visited and participated in the openings of some of these new centres, which was supported by the community and endorsed by The World Federation, and the Council of European Jamaats.

In all of his addresses, the President emphasized the importance of changing with the times and making the centres fit for purpose as communities evolve in the fast changing world, ensuring the fundamentals of the centres, ie providing spiritual growth remains at the core and yet providing the community with the wider religious, educational and socio welfare services to all segments of the community.

Find out more about the visit across the jamaats during Safder bhai’s visit to the UK.

Opening of the Multipurpose Ali Reza Islamic Centre

On the eve of the 3rd of Shaban 1443, 5th March 2022, the President was invited to open the newly established multipurpose centre, Ali Reza Islamic Centre in Essex, Chelmsford. It was a very well attended session with community members from all over the UK, including guests from abroad as well.

Watch the President’s address below at Ali Reza Centre, Essex Jamaat.

Opening of New Hyderi Islamic Centre

Alhaj Abid bhai Hemani, Alhaj Gulamali bhai Virjee, Dr Liaket Dewji – President of Hyderi Jamaat (standing),
Alhaj Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President, Alhaj Dr Mohsin Jaffer, Alhaj Shabbir bhai Najafi – Chairman of Africa Federation,
Alhaj Salim bhai Rehmatullah – President of CoEJ

Hyderi Islamic Centre was established in 1983 as a result of community members and elders recognizing the requirement for a centre to meet the needs of the local community. It has gone through various renovations and extensions since then, to ensure that it is able to meet the needs of the growing community.

The New Hyderi Centre is a dynamic project that was inaugurated on the eve of 4th of Shaban 1443, 6th March 2022, in the presence of The WF President, Safder bhai Jaffer, CoEJ President, Salim bhai Rehmatullah, Africa Federation Chairman, Shabbir bhai Najafi, and other dignitaries from around the world.

Watch the President’s address to the community at the Hyderi Islamic Centre during this historic opening.

Opening of the Sakina Trust Centre

On eve of 5th of Shaban 1443, 7th March 2022, Alhaj Safder bhai attended the Sakina Trust’s opening ceremony, which is located in East London by community members  predominantly originating from the Pakistani community and has been in operation for many years. Many donations came from various philantropists, including the Khoja community to build this centre. Representatives of Agha Sistani (dz), Syed Murtaza Kashmiri, and other Ulema were present for the opening.

Watch the President’s address during the opening of Sakina Trust Centre.

Opening of the Transition Building at Al Abbas Islamic Centre

L – R – Alhaj Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President, Shaykh Nuru Mohammed – Resident Aalim,
Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General, Alhaj Salim bhai Rehmatullah – President of CoEJ

On Saturday 15th of Shaban 1443, 19th March 2022, the President opened the Transition Building at Al Abbas Islamic Centre, Birmingham. The opening was done in the presence of the resident Aalim Shaykh Nuru and other officials. The transition building has been facilitated to allow the extension work at Al Abbas Islamic Centre to continue over the next couple of years which is another ongoing community project to meet the fast changing needs of our communities in Europe.

Watch the President’s address during the opening of the transition building of Al Abbas Islamic centre.

Meeting with the Seniors of the Community

Stanmore Jamaat senior citizens invited the President to speak at their program. The President was delighted to meet the elders and briefed them about the activities of The World Federation, with a particular emphasis on education, as education is the most effective way to strengthen our community’s future. He also gave them an overview of other projects, such as the Islamic Research Centre and the Kadhimiyya Tile project. Thereafter, Alhaj Safder bhai joined them for lunch.

Address at Hujjat Stanmore

On the eve of 15th of Shaban 1443, 18th March 2022, the President addressed the community at Hujjat Islamic Centre in Stanmore. The President of Hujjat, Stanmore, Alhaj Sibtain Alibhai welcomed the President of WF and thanked him for his unwavering support on the Harefield project. The President said that Hujjat and The  World Federation have been together since the beginning, and will continue this journey together in the future. He congratulated the jamaat for achieving this mammoth project and pledged The World Federation’s  unflinching support towards thist initative so that this centre may continue to be a beacon of light for the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (a) not only in the UK but across the world.

Meeting with Volunteers and Staff of The World Federation

The President met staff and volunteers of The World Federation who are based in UK at the Al Zahra Centre, Watford. It was an evening filled with team-building exercises which created an opportunity to bond and forge stronger ties.

Jaffaria Academy

Shaykh Ali Abbas Malik – Trustee – Jaffaria Academy, Alhaj Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President,
Arifali bhai Hirji – Secretary General and Brother Furat Al Yassin – Chair of Trustees – Jaffaria Academy

On Saturday 12th March 2022, the President, Safder bhai Jaffer, the Secretary General, Arifali bhai  Hirji, and the Head of MCE, Zulekha bai Hirji, Head of MCE, paid a visit to the Jaffaria Academy. Jaffaria Academy is an online education platform for students in UK, and also available globally. The curriculum is based on that of the United Kingdom, but with an Islamic ethos. They too, have a memorandum of understanding with the MCE and use the Tarbiyah curriculum. The WF delegation met with some of the Trustees of Jaffaria Academy to discuss the collaboration on a joint RSE project.

Visit to the Harefield Site

Safder bhai Jaffer, The WF President and Zaffar bhai Khakoo, Treasurer of The WF, were accompanied by Alhaj Gulamali bhai Virjee, Alhaj Sibtein bhai Asaria, Abid bhai Hemani, CoEJ President Salim bhai Rehmatullah and Stanmore officials, lead by the President of KSIMC of London, Sibtain bhai Alibhai to visit the Harefield site to examine the centre and review the project.

The President was impressed with the overall project and expressed his full support towards this exciting project. Alhaj Safder bhai held multiple meetings with Stanmore Hujjat’s Project Committee with respect to Harefield during the course of his visit to UK.

Imam Hussein Islamic Centre
(Centre run by the Afghani Mumineen)

In attendance, his Eminence Syed M. Kashmiri, Syed Khalkhali, Councillor Dr Asgher Moledina,
Alhaj Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President, Shaykh Saeed Subhani, Dr Gulammehdi Sumar – Head of WF-AID
and Alhaj Hasham Nawrozaddeh – Chairman of Imam Hussein Centre

The President had the opportunity to visit Watford’s Imam Hussein Islamic Centre. He was invited by Alhaj Hasham Nawrozaddeh, Chairman of the Imam Hussein Centre, and it was attended by Ayatollah Sistani (dz)’s reperesentative, Syed Murtaza Kashmiri and other scholars. Dr Asghar Moledina, past President of The World Federation and Dr Gulammehdi Sumar, Head of WF Aid, were also present. The President spoke at the ceremony, praising how centres are evolving to suit the needs of future generations. In light of this, Safder bhai specifically confirmed the complete support from The World Federation for madaris work, notably the MCE curriculum and any training requirements for the centre. He concluded by wishing them all the best.