Shaykh Afzal Merali
Islamic Education Manager

Shaykh Afzal Merali is a specialist in Islamic sciences, who has majored in Islamic law and tafsir. Furthermore, he teaches Arabic and evidence-based jurisprudence on a part-time basis at the Hawza Ilmiyya of England.

Shaykh Afzal Merali is a multi-lingual muballigh, who has appeared in various global media outlets (over 200 appearances in the last 14 years) and continues to serve communities, centres and madaris through lectures, research, teaching and mentoring youth in English, Gujarati and Arabic.

He has studied in the Hawza for approximately seventeen years, with the core of his studies being in Lebanon and Qum. He coupled his Hawza education with gaining various practical tableegh skills; from topics such as the application of the laws of Islamic slaughtering in contemporary abattoirs, to forming an Islamic scout association.

Shaykh Afzal intends to incorporate his passion for tableegh into The World Federation Islamic Education Department within a comprehensive strategic plan that includes an enhanced propagation agenda for our community members that makes Ulemaa and our centres of learning more accessible to our community members through digital solutions as well as an ambitious research and publication plan that involves supporting our muballigheen and Hawza students. This will place spiritual upliftment at the centre of The World Federation’s Islamic Education Department activities under the motto of “Labbayka Ya Mahdi”, that paves the path towards the reappearance of our 12th Imam (aj), Inshallah.


Br Sadiq Damani
Strategy & Digital Tableegh Manager

Sadiq is a Partner at Theodo, a global technology consultancy which conceptualises and delivers strategic digital transformations for organisations.

He passionately believes that Islam is a framework for excellency and is indispensable to every Muslim in the 21st century. Thus, Sadiq focuses on ensuring the teachings of the faith are accessible and relatable to all regardless of age, culture, or wealth.

As a result, he works on initiatives that encompass increasing accessibility to scholarly works, sharing practical frameworks & guidance for Muslims on how to find their ‘why’ and ‘purpose’, and creating a ‘western culture’ for Muslims founded on Islamic principles.

These are achieved through digital and non-digital means such as the Online Shia Book Club, The Weekly Muslim Coffee, featuring on Islamic media outlets, in-community workshops and lectures across the globe, the production of latmiyat & anasheeds in English, among others.

The challenge that Sadiq now wishes to focus on is how to ensure our global community is inspired & informed by exceptional & rapidly delivered Islamic guidance so we can all excel on our journey towards our creator.