On Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 2nd Shawwal 1443, the President of The WF, Alhaj Safder bhai Jaffer was once again honoured to be in the presence of His Eminence, Sayyid as-Sistani (dz), in Najaf, Iraq.  Safder bhai primarily briefed Agha on the issues pertaining to our community in Orlando and sought his advice on the way forward with respect to the khums ijaza. A detailed letter has been sent to the mu’mineen in respect to this matter.

Agha Sistani (dz) prayed for the success of the entire community, and requested everyone to remain unified, and move forward with the objectives towards the path of the Ahlul Bayt (a).

L – R: Mr. Sadiq Alzaki – Hospital Manager, Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President,
Shaykh Ihsan Jawaheri – CEO of Ahlulbayt foundation in Najaf 

Safder bhai was given a detailed tour of the Amir ul Mu’minin (a) Hospital led by Shaykh Ihsan Jawaheri – the CEO of Ahlulbayt Foundation in Najaf, which is under Sayyid Jawad Sehrestani. He was also accompanied by Mr Sadiq Alzaki, the manager of the hospital. In just over an hour, he was very impressed with the facilities, and noted that the equipment in use is state-of-the art, and remains unavailable in the rest of Iraq.

They visited the Departments of Nuclear Radiation and Thyroid Cancer, as well as the development of the new Recruitment Center (under construction), knowing that these two departments are unrivalled in Iraq. They also went to the Department of Eye Treatment and Operations as part of the tour and learned about the hospital’s advanced technology for serving patients. Depending on their financial situation, the payment scheme is tailored accordingly – some patients get a free review, others get a discount, and the rest have to pay the full price because they can afford to do so. The President wishes them every success as they expand and complete their renovation works.

Dr. Hayder Al Shummari – The Secretary General of Kadhimiyya Holy Shrine
with Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President

Safder bhai met with the Secretary General of Kadhimiyya Holy Shrine, Dr Hayder Al Shummary, & Awqaf to discuss the progress of the Kadhimiyya Tile Project. He witnessed the commencement of the work in one of the sahans (courtyards) of Imam al-Jawadain. Project plans were discussed and Safder bhai was content that things are moving in the right direction. The Kadhimiyya Tile Project will be a milestone in the history of our communities.

L-R: Dr Muhammad Qasem Abdullah – Askariyya Shrine Secretary General,
Mr Ra’ad Abd Ali – Askariyya Shrine Deputy Secretary General,
Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President, Abdul Karim bhai – WF Iraq Office Manager

Safder bhai was also blessed to visit Samarrah, where he met with the heads of the Shrine of Imam al-Askariyyain. They provided an insight into all the activities and expansion of the haram in Samarrah, in particular some of the work with respect to the enhancement of facilities for Zawwar – and sought collaboration with the WF. Safder bhai reviewed their detailed plans.