The President of The World Federation, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, was invited to be in attendance at the 83rd Session of the Supreme Council of the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa, hosted by Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Dar es Salaam, from Thursday 28th October to Saturday 30th October 2021 (21st to 23rd Rabi-ul-Awwal 1443 A.H.).

Safderbhai addressed the council, expressing his gratitude to Africa Federation for inviting him to be part of the Supreme Council. His primary focus was on two key areas:

The foundation of our community is based on the unified strength and sacrifices endured for being identified as a Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri. Attempts are made to create discord within the identity of our community and in particular focused towards our core values. Thus, any deviation from these core principles would not be tolerated. Having said that, he reiterated the need for support towards the current generation, and ensuring that their queries on faith are fully addressed by an academic platform that is robust and allowing them encouragement to promote expression of views in the presence of the best of scholars. The WF would be announcing plans to this effect in due course.

The economic situation of the community in certain parts of the world are not acceptable. The President referred to his recent trip to India. A collective effort needs to be made to address the 3 key pillars of development:

Education (both secular and religious);

Housing (for the most underprivileged and those who can pay in installments through community support, such as rent to own schemes) and

Economic Support through micro-finance loans for low-income earning families.

L-R: Alhaj Mamodbhai Premdjee – Assistant Treasurer of UAKSIR Council of Réunion, Alhaj Aminebhai Nassor – Vice President AFED, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer – President of The WF, Alhaj Zamirbhai Jaffar Bandjee – President of Saint Denis Réunion Jamaat, Alhaj Gulambhai Virjee, Dr. Gulammehdi Sumar – Head of WF-AID

Safderbhai engaging in conversation with Alhaj Razaalybhai Asgharali – Past President Réunion Jamaat

Safderbhai pledged his support to Africa Federation and acknowledged their robustness, being one of the more advanced of the regions, from both, infrastructure and financial perspectives.

Watch the video below to hear the President’s address at the Supreme Council Meeting.

Opening of AFED Business Park in Dar es Salaam

The President had the opportunity to attend the opening of the AFED Business Park where he addressed the invitees and congratulated Africa Federation’s Housing Board for their milestone achievement. He prayed that the investment income generated from these projects would meet the temporal and spiritual needs of our communities in Africa.

Watch Safderbhai’s address at the AFED Business Park Inauguration:

Meeting with President of Zanzibar

L-R: Shaykh Murtadha Alidina – Head of The WF Islamic Education, Alhaj Mohamedrazabhai Dewji – President of KSIJ Dar, His Excellency Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi – President of Zanzibar, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer – President of The WF and Dr. Jafferbhai Dharsee – Head of the Vaccination team.

On Sunday 31st October 2021, the President of WF travelled to Zanzibar and met with the President of Zanzibar, His Excellency Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, accompanied by the President of KSIJ Dar – Alhaj Mohamedrazabhai Dewji, Trustee KSIJ Dar, Head of the Vaccination team, Dr. Jafferbhai Dharsee and Head of WF Islamic Education, Shaykh Murtadha Alidina. The meeting was primarily to thank the President of Zanzibar and his team for facilitating the vaccination drive for the Khoja community and wider communities through the vaccines provided by The World Federation.

The President of Zanzibar was very thankful for all the support provided by The World Federation and its constituent members and praised the ongoing vaccination outreach program in Zanzibar by the Khoja community. He was also appreciative of the recent visit of a WF-AID delegation, headed by WF-AID lead,  Alhaj Dr. Gulammehdi Sumar, and in particular, with the focus of providing water support in Zanzibar.

The WF delegation then gifted him with 50 oxygen concentrators that were donated by The World Federation, Federation of Australasia (FAC), Imam Hasan Center Australia and KSIJ Dar.

Opening of Mosque in Kigoma

Safderbhai then travelled to Kigoma, together with the President of KSIJ Dar, Alhaj Mohamedrazabhai Dewji and Head of Islamic Education, Shaykh Murtadha Alidina for the opening of the Khoja Mosque in Kigoma. The team joined the wider delegation in Kigoma from Africa Federation led by the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabbirbhai Najafi, and also met with the head of Bakwata Kigoma Region. The delegation was hosted in Kigoma by WF Councillor and Lead of Bilal Kigoma, Alhaj Mohsinbhai (Sheni) Lalji.

Safderbhai presenting to the Head of Bakwata, Shaykh Hassan Kiburwa, Kigoma Region.