The First Meeting of the Executive Council 2021 – 2024 was held from 10th – 12th December 2021.

Alhamdulillah, this Meeting was sui generis. A hybrid event enabling live accessibility through virtual joining options during a face-to-face event for all councillors.  The atmosphere was very lively, where a busy agenda culminated in a feeling of global unity, especially as this was the first occasion where  councillors met physically after a long period due to the pandemic restrictions.

It was a very well-attended ExCo, with great representation from all six regions.

Over the weekend, the Executive Council was provided with extensive updates on developments in various departments and portfolios. The forward-looking vision, together with key strategic papers from the Secretariat, explicated the path for the next three years with great insight.

State of Community Address by The President of The World Federation

Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer summarised what to expect from the various agenda items and reports, including a prelude to the strategic vision. He used the platform to thank each one, especially during the most unprecedented times, which the community has gone through, where we have worked united, to come out of a global pandemic.

Alhaj Safderbhai highlighted the impact that Covid-19 initiatives, especially the vaccine drive has had on the community internally especially in Tanzania, as well as a great kudos for The WF as an NGO, externally for managing to procure those vaccines at difficult times.

The President emphasised that having faith at the core of our activities is most important, and the activities which The World Federation has delivered through the MCE, Islamic Education Department, ZCSS & Higher Education, WF Aid and all other departments have been received with major positive feedback. Safderbhai thanked everyone for their support, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the community came together as one.

COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Report

The World Federation began the Dubai vaccine drive for the KSI communities in Tanzania at a time when there were no vaccines available in Tanzania. Over time, with the situation in Tanzania changed, The World Federation pursued its efforts to reach out to the Government of Tanzania and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to allow entry of the vaccines for its people. In May 2021, The President of The World Federation wrote to the President of Zanzibar seeking permission, as an initial phase, to bring 5000 Sputnik Lite vaccines to Zanzibar.

The collective efforts, advisory, from donor community, operations on the ground, awareness campaign, as well as using The WF’s NGO status resulted in 25,000 vaccines and multiple oxygen concentrators successfully delivered by the end of November 2021.


Awards were presented by The World Federation to members of the community who contributed towards the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire globe, the communities in Tanzania struggled due to lack of access to vaccines. When humanity was facing a dire need, you were blessed with the tawfeeq to serve and to save the lives of thousands.

The World Federation of KSIMC presents this Special Award of Appreciation for their selfless and dedicated services rendered to the Khoja Shia Ithna-Ashari Communities and wider humanity in Tanzania during the COVID-19 pandemic and in particular with the vaccine drive held in Dubai and Zanzibar in 2021.

Al Noor Award to Murabbi Hassanbhai Nathani

In appreciation of his lifelong Community services delivered with humility, simplicity and sincerity which have been a hallmark of his passion to serve.

Relentlessly, for over 40 years, ever since he made Dubai his home, he has been an integral part of our Jamat attending to the multifaceted needs of the Community, especially relieving the burden of formalities upon the grieving families at the loss of their loved ones.

His humility has endeared to many as he endeavoured to reach out to the wider community be they brethren in faith or equals in creation.

Al Shams Award to the Volunteers of KSIJ Dar Vaccination Team – Zanzibar and Dubai

In appreciation of their unparalleled efforts to save lives through the highly beneficial and much needed Vaccination program in Zanzibar and Dubai.

With the characteristic Khoja trait, the team sprung into action, promptly designing and implementing a world class Covid vaccination and education drive for the Community and beyond.

The team was at its best as it served the most vulnerable members of society who otherwise would have had to wait months if not years to get the life saving vaccine.

Al Qamar Award to Murabbi Abidbhai Hemani

The foundation of the World Federation is rooted in service – this is the nurturing force that fuels all progress. This force is built from the two wings of philanthropy and spirit of voluntarism. Success is never an accident – it is built on sincere efforts by selfless volunteers and generous benefactors.

As a munificent donor his contributions has been truly notable. To say we are overwhelmed with his US $5M endowment, US $1M towards the Covid Vaccine Drive, alongside his earlier contributions of US $1M to The WF Foundation Fund, would be an understatement.

But then we know that for him, philanthropy is not about money – it’s about feeling the pain of others and caring deeply about their needs. Just as the moon shines, not for its lofty brightness, but for the light it provides, we thank him not just for the monetary value of his generosity, but for his selfless acts of kindness and empathy for his fellow beings.

It is in recognition of these sentiments that the WF presents the Al Qamar Award for his exemplary philanthropic spirit to better the lives of others.

Murabbi Abidbhai, in his humility, as a man of few words and a deeply caring human being, he is an inspiration to all who know him and we thank him for supporting the WF by making a difference.

Special Award to the Volunteers of KSIMC Dubai

In appreciation of their yeoman services to the community addressing the spiritual and social needs of mumineen and muminaat of Dubai.

Their passion, care and concern to serve young and old in fields of tabligh, education welfare, and youth empowerment has truly elevated the standard of service of our Dubai Jamaat. The exemplary teamwork displayed is a matter of pride for the entire community.

Special Award to Al-Madrasah Al-Muhammadiyyah KSIMC Dubai

In appreciation of their dedication and passion in promoting madaris education for the young men and women of Dubai Jamaat.

Their pioneering endeavours in enhancing knowledge delivery over many decades, being catalysts in the evolution of the Madressa Center of Excellence and being among the first madaris to adopt the Tarbiyah curriculum, versatility in adopting digital learning during the Covid pandemic, sacrifice and dedication of their teachers are a testimony of the vision and foresight of the team.

Al Shams Award to Murabbi Sibteinbhai Asaria

At the World Federation we believe that excellence is a potential chiseled into a more perfect state through vision, dedication and determination.

His exemplary endeavors in the service of the Community demonstrate that exceptional achievements are within our reach when we stand tall on a foundation of personal integrity, hard work and unwavering determination. Just like the sun gives warmth continuously, by way of conferring the Al Shams Award we salute his unwavering commitment to outstanding performance in every act of serving humanity.

A hallmark of his leadership is captivating others by inspiring teamwork. He has been a living embodiment of the truism that great achievements are nurtured with the cooperation of many minds with a common vision working toward a unified goal. He has exemplified that teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results. 

Like a circle, the pursuit of Community Service has no end. The WF appreciates his unwavering commitment to outstanding performance in helping enhance economic advancement for the less fortunate members of our Community, his stellar fund-raising strengths to help fund multiple Capital projects around the world, and recently for his innovative global vaccine drive supporting thousands to obtain free Covid vaccinations for both, our community and wider humanity.

Islamic Education

The Islamic Education Department, headed by Shaykh Dr. Murtadha Alidina, delivered a substantive report, covering a plethora of Tableegh activities from a unique series introducing the highest calibre of Shi’a Ulema in the world (Labbayk Series), publications, such as the first ever commentary of the Holy Qur’an (Tafsir Tadabbur al-Qur’an) published by The World Federation, and much more. As usual, the interest from the councillors and invitees was extensive.

Islamic Education – External Tableegh

Despite an unprecedented pandemic, the External Tableegh function under the Islamic Education Department, continued to grow from strength to strength.  Shaykh Nadir Jaffer, presented a captivating update, on the activities delivered with phenomenal results, despite a minimal spend.

Capital Project – Project Orange

The President of Nasimco, Alhaj Arifbhai Jacksi, virtually addressed the congregation by highlighting the Husseini Islamic Centre’s Capital Project – Project Orange, after which Alhaj Mahmoodbhai Dhalla, WF Councillor and President of HIC, physically presented to the audience.  After extensive deliberations the following resolution was passed:


IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the President of The World Federation, will release the Ijaza upon Husseini Islamic Centre of Florida (Orlando Jamaat) securing 30% of the value of the project; subject to reconciliatory efforts made by a World Federation delegation in Orlando within 60days.

Khoja Heritage Project

The Head of Khoja Heritage Project, Dr. Hasnain Walji, presented virtually to the ExCo, highlighting the strong sense of belonging in our rich cultural heritage within the Khoja community. A new series titled “Once Upon a Time” was launched, making the past a part of our future through a series of clips featuring anecdotes from notable personalities who helped shape our history. Also, an annual Khoja Heritage Day was discussed, with a date set from 2022.


WF-AID is the humanitarian arm of The World Federation of KSIMC. The Head of WF-AID, Dr. Gulammehdi Sumar, in his first address to the ExCo since joining in Summer 2021, besides touching on the various Covid-19 drives globally, covered passionately his reflections on his tour across East Africa, as well as the major successes in the latest Ali Asghar Water Appeal campaign, that generated unprecedented traction and participation.

Madrasah Centre of Excellence

The newly appointed Head of Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE), Sister Zulekha Hirji, delivered her first ever report to the ExCo, detailing various activities and milestones. Amongst these, the Tarbiyah curriculum, has reached new heights, with 69 Madaris and over 9000 students.

The Legacy Exhibition showcasing the life of Imam Ali (a) in London, where The WF and MCE are sole educational partners, has been a major success in attracting hundreds of families and Madrasah children. The Executive Council echoed its appreciation and expressed huge interest in exporting this exhibition to other regions. Amongst these, the interest from Africa Federation was great and commitments to host it in Dar es Salaam and other cities were noted.

The Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme (ZCSS)

In his report to the EXCO, the ZCSS Coordination, Alibhai Bandali, shared the splendid news of supporting more than 1000 students in the last year. The opportunity to serve, especially in Pakistan, has been a key success factor. The Annual Report from the ZCSS has received a lot of positive feedback and traction from grassroot donors.

Vision of the Secretariat Term 2021-2024

The Secretary General of The WF, Brother Arifali Hirji, presented the vision of the Secretariat for the term 2021-2024. The concept of strategic pillars being at the centre of all activities was enthusiastically received.

Strategy Paper: Islamic Research Centre

One of the visions of The World Federation is to establish a State of Art Institute in the West with satellite branches in key cities globally with the purpose of bridging the gap between the traditional seminaries and academia and being a reference point in answering contemporary challenges through strong researchers. The project already has received the blessing from His Eminence Sayyid Sistani (d).

Shaykh Afzal Merali, the Manager of the Islamic Education Department, presented this key strategic endeavour and received the full backing of the house.

Strategy Paper: Education

A group of volunteers around the world, have participated in articulating the Education Strategy for the term 2021-2024. On behalf of this extremely able group of individuals, most being talented youth of our community, the Secretary General, Brother Arifali Hirji, presented this keynote strategy paper, highlighting the FUTURE Fund.

It is the intention that Education Strategy which involves setting up an Education Department will be a cornerstone in the mission of eradicating poverty within our community.

This strategy paper followed generated great interest with an extensive question and answer session, where the community buzzed with enthusiasm and commitment.

Strategy Concept: NGO Status and WF Blue Print

Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, gave an update on how The WF is trying to expand its activities by establishing NGO functions in various geographies. A significant development had occurred, where the ExCo resolved to establish a WF entity in Australia.

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that The World Federation establish a WF Entity in Australia to provide humanitarian and developmental aid with all funds to be used outside the FAC region.

Treasury Report and Update on
Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Application

Our honorary Treasurer, Alhaj Zaffar Khakoo and Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Alhaj Sajjad Rajan provided the ExCo with an update on treasury activities of The WF. Key highlights were:

  • The WF is in a strong financial position, with collections for 2021 expected to be ahead of 2020;
  • General fund is performing well due to lower and more efficient spending that was budgeted in the secretariat;
  • WF is focused on building the foundation fund and making investments in the short term to sustain more charitable projects in the future;
  • Strengthening of risk management and compliance functions to be ahead of regulatory changes and enhanced donor confidence.
  • WF had commenced periodic Internal Audit reviews and the first review over revenue had no major findings; and
  • The WF Compliance Manager, Sister Malika Alibhai, presented the latest position on The WF’s application for CIO status. Our lawyers are in the process of submitting the CIO application to the Charity Commission.

Legal Update

Due to the efforts of a number of councillors, an agreement in principal was reached that was within the remit of the Office Bearers to accept to avert a possible court case. The Executive Council was informed of the development that an agreement has manifested but details needed to be worked out. With these developments, the mood of the ExCo turned positive with mutual trust to move forward. The matter was considered to be resolved out of court with considerable goodwill and positivity in the true spirit of brotherhood. It was done on the basis that The WF Office Bearers had the authority to do so based on what is within their constitutional remits.