The Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) has worked closely with madaris all over the world for many years with one goal in mind: ensuring all children are Islamically educated using a child friendly approach alongside training their teachers to adapt to teaching methods which are not only enjoyed by the children but also used as an effective method of enhancing great teaching.

Hence their slogan:

“Nurturing piety by enabling an environment that instills the values of the Qur’an and Ahl al-Bayt (‘as)”.

In order to enliven the younger childrens’ understanding of the lessons being taught in the madaris,  MCE introduced storybooks. A lot of thought went into their design, layout, language and learning outcomes. The books also went through a rigorous process of review and editing by Islamic scholars, teachers and students!

After the storybooks were created and published, they were released to the global madaris for their students to be taught in line with the madrasah curriculum schedule. The students were given a storybook each week to take home and go over the contents with their family. During this time, the MCE team received plentiful positive feedback from parents and children alike with many asking if these books were available for purchase. After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce you can now purchase these books as bundles for your little ones from our WFSHOP !

We are releasing 6 bundles of 8 books each which can be enjoyed by children over the age of 4. With parental guidance, younger children would also enjoy being read to. Each bundle focuses on a specific Islamic concept. What’s more? When you purchase these bundles you will also get a complimentary audio file for the ‘Time for rhyme’ section of the storybooks. This will be available for download after purchase.

Storybook Info

Bundle info are as follows:

Each bundle contains 8 books. For more information on the books please visit our WFSHOP.

The Almighty Allah (Part 1 and Part 2)

This module is dedicated to Allah and to man’s relationship with his Creator. It covers Tawhid (monotheism) in great depth, discussing the existence of Allah, His unity and His various attributes. It also covers the creation of the universe and His Signs in it as well the creation of the angels, the jinn, and man. It explores the purpose of creation and the need for religious guides and looks at the history of the first prophet, Nabi Adam and his children. As the basis of our relationship and communication with Allah, key concepts of tawbah and istighfar, du’a and munajat are introduced and the daily prayer as the most sublime form of submission (taslim) to Allah is covered in detail.

The Magnificent Message (Part 1 and Part 2)

Having created us, Allah continues to nurture and guide us. This module covers the lutf and adalah of Allah, and explores the understanding of the various schools of Islamic theology, especially in relation to the adalah of Allah. It also discusses Divine guidance in the form of nubuwwah. Starting with the creation of human beings on this earth, it focuses on the ancient nations and the early prophets, especially the ulu al-‘azm prophets, and the challenges that they faced, lessons that we can learn from their history, and universal values that we derive from their teachings. The Divine Books that were revealed to chosen prophets are also covered, most especially, the final revelation.

The Greatest Guide (Part 1)

This module is a continuation of the concept of Divine Guidance but focuses on the process that the Prophet of Islam used to communicate his Message and to live it. It includes a discussion of his life, his sirah and sunnah, his family, including the immaculate ladies Khadija (a) and Fatimah (a), and his companions. It covers how the Prophet successfully met the enormous challenges that he faced and how he laid the foundation for the spread of Islam within and beyond Arabia. The module also discusses a series of steps that he took to designate his successor so as to ensure the continuation of his Message and assesses his remarkable legacy for all of mankind.

The Best Behaviour (Part 1)

This module is a continuation of the roadmap to self-purification but at the societal instead of the individual level. Islam is not just a religion of individuals but also of a community and a global ummah. The social interactions and the attendant responsibilities and rights that Islam mandates can be visualized as a series of concentric circles. The circles begin with the self, and the immediate and extended families, widens to include neighbours and friends and the local community, and embraces the wider community along with the physical environment. Al-amr bil-ma’ruf and an-nahy ‘anil munkar symbolise the social aspect of the community; believers have to promote goodness in society and prevent social evils.

StoryBook Sections 

Each book has the following sections:

i. Story Time – Each story is based on an ayah of the Qur’an
ii. Wow Wonderful Whys  – General knowledge associated with the story
iii. Happy Hadith  – Hadith from masumin related to the lesson
iv. Du’a! Du’a!  – Du’a related to the lesson
v. Adorable Ahlul Bayt/ Perfect Personalities  – A comic strip with a lesson from their lives
vi. Time for Rhyme  – A rhyme related to the lesson
vii. Power Parenting  – Ideas for parents to support the application of the values learnt from the book


Q: Who has developed the Tarbiyah storybooks?

A:They have been developed by a team of dedicated authors namely: Aaliya Yusufali, Fatema Kanji, Ghazala Gokal, Zohra Tejani and Shaykh Abbas Ismail. They have been developed and published by the Madrasah Centre of Excellence which is a part of The World Federation of KSIMC. These storybooks form part of the Tarbiyah curriculum for children aged 4 to 7 and is used in Shia madaris worldwide.

Q: Are the books designed to be read independently by the children?

A: The books are designed to be read by an adult to a child so that they can discuss and share the concepts. Once a child is able to read independently, they can enjoy the books that way too.

Q: Can I buy an individual storybook?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we are only selling complete book bundles. There are advantages in getting the bundles as they not only work out cheaper but they also cover an ongoing theme.

Q: Can I buy more than 1 book bundle?

A: Yes, you may buy as many bundles as you wish. Clearly state the quantities when ordering.

Q: Can I mix the book bundles with different books?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only selling complete bundles as advertised on the WF shop.

Q: Is there a discount if I would like a large quantity of book bundles?

A: Please email us on for any bulk buy enquiries.

Q: Are these the only book bundles available?

A: Inshallah we will release more bundles as we complete the series of books in each bundle. Watch out for new releases by MCE.

Q: Is there a special rate for libraries and Islamic centres?

A: Please email us on to enquire.


I have been teaching young children for over 30 years, and I have never seen them as excited and eager to learn as they are now (with the Tarbiyah storybooks)

– Madrasah teacher, Toronto, Canada

It is so heart-warming to see my daughter’s love for these books. She notices all the attention to detail in the illustrations.

– Parent, Dubai, UAE

The books are all really wonderful. As a mother and therapist working with children over the last 15 years, I really found these books to be little gems.

– Family & Systemic Psychotherapist, London, UK

I love reading the special books I get at madrasah. I give them 5 stars!

– Student, aged 6, UK

The books are very nice to read and easy to understand. I also like the pictures that are in the book because they are colourful and exciting to look at. I like the story ideas and my favourite one is ‘Musa and Hassan meet in Zanzibar’.

– Student, aged 9, UK