As part of the visit of OBs in February for the Extra Ordinary Executive Council meeting, the WF Office Bearers visited AFED offices and related tableegh, health and educational institutions during their visit. This newswire summarises the key areas of the visit.

Meeting at Africa Federation’s Office

From L – R: Zainul bhai Chandoo – AFED Hon. Treasurer, Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General,
Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President, Dr. Munir Datoo – WF Vice President, Aunali bhai Khalfan – AFED Vice Chairman,
Zuhair bhai Jaffer – AFED Hon. Secretary

The WF Office Bearers were cordially invited by AFED Office Bearers and had a pleasant and collaborative meeting at the AFED secretariat in Dar es Salam. Various areas of joint workings between departments and boards were deliberated upon.

“Our sincere thanks to Murabbi Aunali bhai Khalfan- Vice Chairman Federation, Zuhair bhai Jaffer – Hon Secretary General and Zainul bhai Chandoo – Hon Treasurer who hosted us with great warmth and facilitated productive discussions.” – Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General

KSI Charitable Eye Centre

TOP: L-R: Khairun Bai Merali (Mama Keki), Shiraz bhai Walji, Yaseen bhai Gokal,
Syed Younus al Khoei, Dr Shiraz Datoo

Bottom: L-R: Agha Asghar Hussain Shaheedi – WF Executive Councillor, Murabbi Anver bhai Rajpar – Chairman KSI Charitable Eye Centre,
Dr. Munir Datoo – WF Vice President, Dr. Ahmed Hassam – WF Executive Councillor,
Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General

On Tue 22 Feb 2022, a delegation from the World Federation, together with well wishers globally, had the pleasure to visit the Khoja Shia Ithnasheri Charitable Eye Centre, in Temeke.

“It was remarkable to see the development of this eye centre in such a short time. The work, the discipline and output, was truly a delight”, said Dr Munir Datoo – WF Vice President

Anwer bhai Rajpar, Khairun bai Merali (Mama Keki), Shiraz bhai Walji and Dr Shiraz Datoo hosted the WF visiting team.

The clinic was buzzing with patients, and the WF team had first hand exposure of the workings of the Eye Centre.

The Eye Centre is going from strength to strength and Shiraz bhai Walji was looking at ways to sustain the running of the centre. There was a brief meeting and discussion with the Temeke Eye Centre and the World Federation team renewed their commitments of supporting The Eye Centre.

WF agreed to work with Temeke Eye Centre in producing marketing material and looking at ways of creating standing orders to ensure the smooth running of the Centre.

Temeke Eye Centre is looking at extending their services and have commenced building work on the plot adjacent to the current centre.

WF will assist in procuring equipment for the new building, but have already committed  in getting  2 HbA1C meters, which will help manage patients who are diagnosed with diabetes during their check up. HbA1C helps monitor blood sugars over a period of 3 months and is a more accurate way of managing diabetes than the glucometer.

Husayni Madrasah – Boys Section

Top Left:
Br Arifali Hirji addressed the 12-14 year old boys. Topic: “Successful youth in  the eyes of 12th Imam (aj)”.

Top Centre and Top Right:
Br Arifali met with the 14-17 year old class. He spoke about The WF as well as on the akhlaqi topic of “A Principled Mu’min in Islam”

Bottom Centre (L to R):
Aamir bhai Kanji, Alihussein bhai Molloo, Murtaza bhai Bhalloo, Shaykh Imran Saleh, Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General,
Shaykh Kamran Ali, Munawar bhai Hasham, Shabbir bhai Yusufali,
Aliraza bhai Rajani, Aliasgher bhai Rajani

Arifali bhai had the honour of meeting the Husayni Madrasah leadership. How to strengthen collaboration on various Madrasah and Educational aspects were discussed.

“I am in awe of the Husayni Madrasah of KSI Dar. Such zeal, dedication and an institution full of baraqah. To address the 12-14 and 14-17 boys was a great honour for me – and I pray for each of these young boys and their parents” – Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General.

Visit to Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania (BMMT)

L – R: Arifali bhai Hirji – WF Secretary General, Shaykh Msabah Shaaban – Head of Tableegh,
Dr. Munir Datoo – WF Vice President, Hussein bhai Karim – Chairman of BMMT,
Shaykh Dr. Murtadha Alidina – Head of Islamic Education, Safder bhai Jaffer – WF President,
Aziz bhai Rajani – Chairman Bilal Coast Zone, Shaykh Hafidh Mansour – COO of BMMT

On 22nd February, the Office Bearers, consisting of WF President Safder bhai Jaffer, WF Vice President Dr Munir Datoo, Secretary General Arifali bhai Hirji and Head of WF Islamic Education Shaykh Dr Murtadha Alidina, visited the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania office.

Together with Chairman of BMMT, Hussein bhai Karim and his able and energetic team, topics on external tableegh, further enhancing aid collaboration as well as current ongoing projects were discussed.

Visit to WIPAHS – Kibaha

Safder bhai Jaffer, WF President, Dr Munir Datoo, WF Vice President, Arifali bhai Hirji, Secretary General and Shaykh Murtadha Alidina, Head of Islamic Education, met with Haji Saheb and Jabir bhai Rajani, CEO of Wipahs, at the office of Wipahs in Dar es Salaam.

WF have been working with Wipahs for many years and they received a first hand update on the water projects that WF-AID have committed to in the last 2 years with them. The WF have donated approximately USD $ 115,000 towards these water wells.

The team discussed working jointly in relief for the common good of the local community.

The following morning Shaykh Dr. Murtadha Alidina, Arifali bhai Hirji and Dr Munir Datoo visited Kibaha. They had a tour of the complex and had a very fruitful meeting with the Board members of Medewell. The team were also able to see the Medewell Hospital.

The World Federation has made a commitment of 3 years whereby WF is subsidising up to 70% of the cost for gynaecological surgeries for those who cannot afford them.