The President of the World Federation, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer formally visited the United Kingdom in September 2021, giving audience to numerous Jamaats and organizations within the UK, in a bid to first hand review the projects supported by WF, interact with community leaders and listen to their opportunities and challenges and pave the pathway to building stronger relations. Together with meeting committee members and focal personnel, he eloquently connected with the grassroots through keynote speeches addressing members during the Ashra Zainabiya programmes. His focus is highlighted below:








Various meetings that were held are detailed below:


The President quoted:

‘Following my recent visit to the secretariat and the jamaats in UK, I applaud the dynamic efforts of young and old, jamaat leaders, volunteers, donors and grassroots in keeping our centres vibrant, ever evolving and ensuring the spiritual and temporal well being is taking us to further heights. I was highly impressed at how our communities have navigated through the difficulties of the pandemic and ensured that both the madrasah and regular programmes and events continued with a clear focus on how to take the community forward in the next decade’


Hyderi Islamic Centre

On Tuesday, 14th September, Alhaj Safder Jaffer, President of The WF, commenced his first of many visits to various jamaats in the United Kingdom.


Accompanied by Alhaj Arifali Hirji, Secretary General of The WF, their first stop was a tour of the new Hyderi Islamic Centre and were amazed to see how far they have reached in their plans. They were given a tour of the new Hyderi Centre by Alhaj Liyaketbhai Dewji, Mrs Liakat Dewji, Alhaj Riyaz Datoo and Alhaj Abbas Datoo.

The whole plan was demonstrated to better understand the project and learn about the exciting lineup in the foreseeable future. The President was very delighted to see the new centre and looks forward to receiving regular updates going forward.

The Hyderi Islamic Centre have also been engaging with communities across all spectrums. The new centre incorporates facilities that focus on different age groups and their focal point is for the future generation, catering specifically to the needs of children and sports.

Prior to the majlis to commemorate the Shahadat of Imam Hasan (a), the President of Hyderi Jamaat Alhaj Liakat Dewji thanked WF and the President for its unflinching support in raising key funds in the purchase of the new complex. Safderbhai thereafter addressed the Hyderi Jamaat during Imam Hassan (a)’s Shahadat programme that evening, video of which can be found here:


Former/Current Office Bearers

On Wednesday, 15th September, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, together with the Office Bearers, met former office bearers of WF. This was the first face to face meeting organsied since the hand-over that took place virtually during the pandemic. Alhaj Safderbhai thanked the past office bearers for all their support during the transition at difficult times for the institution and appreciated the efforts of the past OBs in providing all the transition support to the current OBs.


Hujjat Seniors

The President had the opportunity to meet with the Hujjat Seniors EC on Thursday, 16th September where they expressed their concerns in coping with isolation, especially in the time the COVID pandemic. Thereafter he participated in a majlis program organized by the Momineen group – comprising of a group of lovers of the Ahlul Bayt (a) and well-wishers at Dar al-Tableegh, London.

         Majlis in honour of Imam Hassan (a)


KSIMC of London – Hujjat Stanmore

On Thursday, 16th September, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, together with the WF Hon Treasurer, Alhaj Zaffar Bhai Khakoo and the Secretary General, Alhaj Arifali Hirji, met with the KSIMC of London Office Bearers. After a warm welcome, multiplet topics were discussed, including an update on the current status of renovation at their centre.

The President offered support, best wishes and duas for the continuous great work carried out by the EC at Hujjat to serve their community.

He also addressed the Hujjat Stanmore Community on the eve of the shahadat of Bibi Sakina (a) on Friday, 17th of September.

A special thanks was conveyed to Stanmore Jaffreys for the extraordinary event they hosted during the Ladies 10km walk/run and the 100km Men’s Cycling Sportive to raise funds for WF-Aids Ali Asghar Water Appeal which raised in excess of£100k. The event had a staggering attendance from various Jamaats from the United Kingdom, as well as from different Jamaats from all across the globe like Canada, Kenya etc. There was also a young brother who cycled 100 miles in Pakistan to raise funds towards this noble project.

You can watch the complete address here:


Meeting at the WF Head Quarters in Stanmore

On Friday, 17th September, the staff/volunteers of The World Federation from different departments got together at the WF Head Quarters and were present in an audience with Safderbhai. After an initial icebreaker, whereby every person present had an opportunity to speak, Safderbhai addressed the team with great vigour and emotion.  Offshore staff joined the meeting virtually. Various discussions took place.

The meeting ended with questions and answers for anyone who wished to ask anything to the President of the WF regarding The World Federation and its future.


The Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) in audience with the President:


Meeting with Ulema’ of UK


The President, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, and the Secretary General, Arifali Bhai, held meetings on Saturday, 18th September, with various Ulema’ of UK at Al Zahra Centre in Watford to discuss a strategy towards the potential establishment of an Islamic Research Centre that the team at Islamic Education at The World Federation is working upon. The meeting as was also attended by the Head of WF Islamic Education, Shaykh Dr Alidina and The Manager of WF Islamic Education, Shaykh Afzal Merali, who gave a compelling presentation. The discussions were very fruitful with a particular air of openness.


KSIMC of Birmingham

The President continued his meetings next with the Birmingham Jamaat Office Bearers later on Saturday, 18th September, with travelling to Birmingham Jamaat, accompanied by the WF SG. They had an audience with the Office Bearers and they were given a tour of their current expansion and duly updated on their Mosque project.

He was also given a tour of their very impressive State of the Art Ghusl Kafan facility.

The President commended Birmingham Jamaat for organizing the vaccine drive held at the center that opened significant avenues of outreach and service to humanity at large.

Later in the evening, during the Ashra Zainabiya programme, Alhaj Safder bhai addressed mu’mineen at the Al Abbasi KSIMC Centre.

The complete address can be found here:


MKSI Leicester

On Sunday, 19th September, Alhaj Safder Jaffer and Arifali Bhai met with the President of Leicester Jamaat, Br Sameer Rajani, and his young team of Office Bearers.

He also met with the Principal of Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop Madrasah, Alhaj Hasnain Bhai Karim, where currently the Tarbiyah syllabus has been implemented as part of the MCE Programme.


Strategic Meetings

Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer had various strategic meetings and in particular to chart out the education strategy of WF that includes both ZCSS as well as higher education. Various experts and educationalists were invited to provide their input which would then be used by the secretariat to come up with an education strategy in line with the manifest pledges.

Strategy meetings on digitalisation and media were held with, Sabira Bai Juma, The WF Head of Marketing and Communications, as well as professionals and subject matter experts.


Legacy Exhibition, London

On Tuesday, 21st September, the President of the World Federation, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, was in attendance of an iconic exhibition, The Legacy Exhibition, which splendidly highlights the life of Imam Ali (a) from his birth to his martyrdom. He complimented this exhibition tremendously and discussed a partnership with the exhibitor, The Legacy. Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer discussed giving Madrasah students across the UK an opportunity to visit this very innovative and educational exhibition on the life of Imam Ali (a).


Wessex Jamaat


Alhaj Safder Jaffer and Alhaj Arifali Hirji visited the Al Mahdi Centre, Wessex Jamaat on Wednesday, 22nd September. Various discussions took place and The World Federation made a pledge of £20,000 towards their Madrasah extension project.

Wessex Jamaat also pledged £10,000 towards the Economic Upliftment project currently ongoing with The World Federation towards families across different parts of the world who live on a minimum monthly income. The donation is also towards the Research Institute Project which The World Federation is currently undertaking. This comes as the first contribution towards such a noble cause from a member jamaat.


KSIMC Milton Keynes


Head of WF-Aid, Dr Gulamehdi Sumar accompanied the President, Alhaj Safderbhai Jaffer, and the Secretary General, Brother Arifali Hirji, to Milton Keynes on Thursday, 23rd September, where he visited two of the Afghans Refugee Centres. He had a general meeting with them on their situation and the brave families experience to a new country thus far. The World Federation has helped in their spiritual needs by donating Musallas and Qurans. There was a request for Quran Teachers and The World Federation will work closely with the Milton Keynes Jamaat, who are in contact with them for assistance.

They then visited the inspirational and vibrant Hazara Afghani Community Centre, where they exchanged views and received an update from the Office Bearers with a site visit. WF has contributed to the project and sponsored the Madrasah classrooms.

The tour continued to the Zaynabiyya Islamic Centre, home of Milton Keynes Jamaat, where Alhaj Safder Bhai gave a talk before the majlis, and then had a very engaging discussion with the Office Bearers, under the leadership of President Alhaj Zaheerabbas Alarakhia.

The video of the address to the Jamaat can be watched here:


AlulBayt Foundation

The President on Friday, 24th of September had a Meeting with Sayyid Mohsen Al Khalkhali at the AlulBayt Foundation. Many issues of mutual interest were discussed with the President praising the role of Syed Jawad Shahristani in leading a range of humanitarian and educational initiatives.


Muslim Shia Ithna Ashari Jamaat of Essex

The President continued his visits on Friday, 24th September to the Essex Jamaat in Chelmsford accompanied with The World Federation Office Bearers. They had an opportunity to visit the new centre with their astounding emphasis on their Madrasah. They currently have 70 students and cater to many people from outside the Jamaat. The World Federation in collaboration with the MCE Team will work closely with their Madrasah.

The President then addressed the entire community in their Ashra Zainabiya majlis that evening. The video of the address can be found here:



Education Strategy Meeting


On Saturday, 26th September, the President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary General together with the Head of ZCSS, Brother Ali Bandali, Higher Education Strategy Lead, Dr Mazahir Alidina, as well as group of strategists and volunteers globally, met to formalize the formation of an Education strategy for The World Federation, details of which would be presented at the forthcoming Exco.


MKSI Peterborough

For his last day in the UK, Alhaj Safderbhai, together with Arifali bhai, visited the Peterborough Jamaat’s Husaini Islamic Centre on the evening of Saturday, 26th September.


The discussion was forcused towards the Madrasah and Imambargah extension. The President and Secretary General learnt of their plans with their growing numbers of Madrasah attendance. Their main focus is to deliver excellence in Madrasah teaching and quality learning. The President acknowledged their efforts into their eco friendly centre with minimal amount of energy being spent and a very inclusive mother and toddler rooms.

The President thereafter addressed the Community, video can be watched here: