The World Federation of KSIMC (TWF), the Jaffer Family Foundation of New York and its international arm, United Global Initiative (UGI), signed an MOU on 21st November 2022, to enhance collaboration in various sectors in humanitarian services to our Community and beyond. With the spirit of service espoused by both organisations, it is envisaged that the joint efforts will help better manage resources to optimize relief and other Community development initiatives in areas where both organisations provide these services.

In particular TWF and JFF-UGI will work together on projects to relieve poverty amongst needy Khojas living in Africa, India, and Pakistan, providing healthcare support and opportunities for economic upliftment. The Parties agreed to communicate with each other to leverage Khoja philanthropy by avoiding duplication, and collaborate, where feasible, on projects within the wider Shi’a communities in developing countries.

Both parties acknowledge that while the active and future projects envisaged will be independently run by each party, the WF will direct any identified needs in the above sectors to JFF-UGI for their consideration for funding and logistic support that may be required. Additionally, the Parties wish to collaborate on educational initiatives, especially higher education and vocational training, where JFF-UGI can add value to the work of TWF.

Prior to signing the MOU, the President of TWF, Alhaj Safder Jaffer and the Chairman of JFF, Alhaj Mohamedtaki Jaffer, along with Alhaj Mohsin Gheewalla Executive Councillor WF, Alhaj Mustafa Hemani WF representative for Pakistan, and Alhaj Asad Hemani JFF-UGI representative for Pakistan, visited several healthcare and vocational facilities in Pakistan to assess availability of services.

On 18th November 2022, TWF President, along with The WF delegates accompanied by JFF Chairman and his team, visited the Bait us Sukoon Cancer Hospital, initiated by the Khoja community philanthropist Mohtarma Zainab Ebrahim, providing free cancer treatment. The visit highlighted the potential for future collaboration to provide support to the most vulnerable members of communities, in Pakistan and other parts of the world who travel for treatment.

Another venue was the Indus Hospital in Karachi – one of the largest private hospitals in Pakistan – which offers free treatment. The main focus of this visit was to explore avenues and options for specialist treatments, particularly in regard to various surgical procedures and speciality treatments offered by the hospital. They also visited Jinnah Hospital renowned for being among the 8 Hospitals Worldwide that specializes in Cyber Knife and Tomotherapy. They were very impressed with the technology and reception rendered to them during their visit.

Both organizations are looking to address our community’s health concerns by diverting patients to Pakistan as they find resources on the ground. Along with medical facilities and being within a Muslim environment, this proves to be cost effective which makes it more conducive to send patients for treatment.

To explore possibilities of vocational training, Alhaj Safder Jaffer and Alhaj Mohamed Taki Jaffer visited the Hunar Foundation, a Vocational Training Centre in Karachi on 19th November 2022. The objective of the visit was to assess how Hunar Foundation’s facilities could support our communities in Africa, India and Pakistan, and explore ways in which the vocational training and short courses (up to six months) can help enhance skillsets for both, girls and boys, as they progress in their chosen vocations.

Exploring the possibility of women empowerment, TWF and JFF/UGI teams visited Koohi Goth Hospital where discussions were held to collaboratively support the women in Pakistan and help in uplifting their economic situation. Koohi Goth Hospital is an institute where midwives are trained over a span of four courses.

The President of TWF stated that “As part of both The World Federation’s acknowledgement of the great work that is done by community run charities and enhancing meaningful partnership that optimises the mutual work that we do for humanity and in particular the most vulnerable within our community, I am delighted to work with JFF and very much welcome this partnership. JFF has demonstrated, in a short span of time, that it can deliver with operational efficiency and we feel this will add great value to our ongoing charity work. I hope and pray to Allah (SWT) that together we can play our role in uplifting the standard of life of both our community members and the wider Shi’a communities especially in India, Pakistan and Africa, Inshallah.”

The JFF Chairman stated that ”We look forward to partnering with TWF in assisting our needy Community members. To us at the JFF it is an honor especially in view of the fact our Founder Marhum Mustafa G R Jaffer was a long-term Councillor of the TWF and had always had the highest level of respect for the institution. Together I believe we can make an impact by helping improve the current living and health standards of our brethren in Pakistan and elsewhere.” 

Since the signing of the MOU, Alhamdulillah, work has already commenced in the medical sector by the JFF-UGI Team on the ground in Pakistan.